Married at First Sight Chapter 1663 by desirenovel

Married at First Sight Chapter 1663 by desirenovel-Sonny regarded Duncan as a backer, his act of trust amused Duncan, he grinned and let Liberty couldn’t laugh or cry.

“Uncle Duncan, Mom stared at me.”

Sonny would still sue.

Duncan hugged Sonny with a smile, and asked him: “Look for the reason, why does your mother stare at you? Uncle Duncan is so big standing here, your mother doesn’t stare at you, but stares at you little person, what is the reason?”

Liberty walked over.

Sonny looked at his mother and said honestly: “After I called my aunt, I played with my mobile phone, and mother snatched the mobile phone.”

Duncan: “That’s not your mobile phone, it’s you mother’s mobile phone.”

Sonny flashed Big eyes, dare not argue, because the phone was indeed mother’s.

“I said mom can play with the phone, why can’t Sonny? Mom just stared at me.” Sonny whispered more and more. He knew it was wrong to play with the phone.

Duncan said gently: “Sonny, you’re still young, playing with mobile phones all the time will hurt your eyes, You’re short-sighted. Mom is also doing it for your own good. and Your mother doesn’t usually play with mobile phones, she uses mobile phones to communicate with others.”

Sonny remained silent. After a long while, he asked, “Uncle Duncan, when can I play with my phone?”

Duncan: “Occasionally, you can play for ten minutes. Of course, it’s better not to play. You can read books and play with your building blocks. Uncle Duncan gave it to you. You have assembled all your building blocks, right? Next time Uncle Duncan comes over, he will buy you some sets of building blocks.”

Sonny nodded, “Okay.”

He struggled to slide down from Duncan’s arms, walked around the table and returned to Liberty’s side, hugged Liberty’s leg, raised his handsome face, and said to Liberty: “Mom, I know I’m wrong. I won’t play with phone secretly anymore.”

Liberty knelt down and hugged her son, “Mom is not angry anymore, forgive Sonny.”

Sonny also hugged Liberty, “Mom, I like you so much.”

Liberty smiled, “Mom likes Sonny very much. Go and play, Mom still has to finish making these dumplings.”

Sonny let go of her mother and went to play with toys by himself.

Liberty stood up, looked at her son, and continued making her dumplings.

While helping her make dumplings, Duncan said, “Sonny was taught very well by you.”

“Children’s education must be started from an early age. Sonny is a happy child. There are so many people pampering him. If I don’t hurry up, he will be spoiled.”

Duncan said with a smile: “Sonny is likable and cute, everyone can’t help but want to spoil him when he sees him, but he made a mistake, and we all will correct it in time and educate him properly, don’t worry, we won’t spoil him.”

Liberty looked at him, smiled, and didn’t speak.

Now the people around him were all people with excellent family conditions, highly educated, and well-cultivated people. They did not spoil Sonny.

“Ring ring ring…”

Duncan’s cell phone rang.

He finished making a dumpling before taking out his mobile phone to answer the call.

“Duncan, where have you been?” Mrs. Lewis questioned from the phone.

Duncan frowned, “Is there something wrong?”


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