Married at First Sight Chapter 1972 by desirenovel

Novel Married at First Sight Chapter 1972 by desirenovel-Analia is my rival in love, just let me deal with it. Zack did not follow up on this matter, and also reported Analia to Mr. Dawson. After that, I haven’t seen Analia for a long time. Zachary said that Mr. Dawson will always take good care of his daughter, but that time Analia still came to look for me. I think, maybe Mr. Dawson knew about it, otherwise Analia would not have left Wiltspoon overnight and let me go.”

Jasmine breathed a sigh of relief as she heard what Serenity said, smiling and saying, “I’m relieved when you say that. That man is definitely not Zachary. It’s not easy for you two to come to this day. Zachary loves you so much and spoils you so much. It’s all fake.”

With Zachary’s temperament, he really wouldn’t go out to steal food. He was not that kind of person.

“This may be Analia’s conspiracy, or it may be an accident. She must have found a substitute for Zachary.” Having said this, Serenity sighed and complained to her friend: “My husband is so good, every day he is taken care of by others.” The woman is thinking about it. Zachary is ashamed to eat Shawn’s jealousy. If I love jealousy like him, I can soak in the vinegar tank every day.”

Jasmine said something for Zachary, and she said: “This No wonder Zachary, he never provoked women, it was those women who approached him, and he brought so many bodyguards, isn’t it just to guard against the women. The more rivals you have, the luckier you are, think about it. The man that many women like and want to marry, but only loves you, married you, dotes on you, you are the luckiest and happiest person. Excellent people need suitors.”

Serenity said, “Shawn and I are in the same situation. Zachary is jealous. Last time I saw Shawn at a banquet, I said hello to him. After a few words, Zachary became so sour.”

After returning home, Zachary tossed her.

Jasmine giggled: “He is jealous because he cares about you. Later, I told Shawn that he would have to bring a female companion when he attends banquets in the future, and he can’t go alone, lest Zachary get jealous again.”

Mrs. Lowe had already started to think about the major events in Shawn’s life. she wanted to arrange a blind date for Shawn and introduce a girlfriend to him.

Although Shawn was still young, and he had really let go of his obsession with Serenity, Mrs. Lowe is still worried. Only when Shawn has a girlfriend can her aunt be at ease.

At the beginning, if she and Josh hadn’t settled down, Lowe Enterprise might not have made it to where it is today. It would have been suppressed by York Corporation and closed down long ago.

“Serenity, I’m going to drink milk. Every night before going to bed, Josh wants me to drink a glass of milk, saying that it is good for sleep, and that drinking too much milk will make the baby’s skin look beautiful after it comes out.”

Seeing her husband came in with a glass of milk, Jasmine ended the call with Serenity.

“Did you send the photo to Serenity?” Josh walked over with the glass of milk and put it in front of her, “How did Serenity react? I haven’t asked Zachary yet, but I’ve asked someone to investigate it. Let’s see if that man is Zachary or someone like Zachary.”

Josh actually believed in Zachary.

No matter how much that person looked like Zachary, he didn’t believe it’s Zachary.

Anyone could cheat, neither he nor Zachary were men who could cheat.

They were very dedicated; as long as they got married, they would be loyal to their wives for the rest of their lives.

While affirming Zachary, Josh also did not forget to praise himself.


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