Married at First Sight Chapter 2578 by Thomasnovel

Married at First Sight Chapter 2578-“Brother, is it convenient for us to talk on the phone?” After Kevin sent Hayden out of the hotel, he returned to his office and called Zachary.

Zachary said to him, “If you have something to say, just hang up the phone. Don’t ask if it’s inconvenient for me. If I’m inconvenient, you called me.”

Kevin smiled and said, “The photo and the video I sent to you are the evidence that the husband of the matriarch Farrell has cheated.”

Zachary said nothing, waiting for him to continue.

“The husband of the matriarch Farrell, Holden Janzen, was very handsome when he was young, but he has no ability, so he became the husband of the matriarch Farrell. In the Farrell family, although he is called Mr. Janzen, he does not get real respect. He must be completely respected. He relies on his wife to make a living.

Matriarch Farrell is also very strict. She doesn’t give him any monthly living expenses, and the pocket money she gives him every day will not exceed $500. He once thought about cheating but was beaten by Matriarch Farrell. After a lesson, he will only have a lustful heart but no lustful courage.

This time, Matriarch Farrell went to Wiltspoon to attend your and your sister-in-law’s wedding. She stayed in Wiltspoon for more than half a month without returning to Jensburg. Holden had a chance to date a hot girl.”

The Farrell family is chaotic enough now. The sons of Matriarch Farrell all have girlfriends outside, and Kathryn exposed them. Her sons and daughters-in-law are now causing a great commotion. If Matriarch Farrell and Holden are added to the mix, it will be even more chaotic.

Brother, tell me if you have any plans that can be implemented when the Farrell family is in chaos.”

Zachary asked in a low voice, “Holden is the husband of Matriarch Farrell?”

Kevin: “Well, Hayden told me. I don’t recognize Holden. Hayden is a native of Jensburg and has many opportunities to come into contact with the Farrell family. She must recognize Holden. She has met Holden several times when Matriarch Farrell attended the banquet, so there is no mistake.”

“Kathryn, the real daughter of the Matriarch Farrell, is also interesting.” Zachary said.

Kevin also said, “Kathryn is scheming and resourceful, but she is also reasonable. It’s a pity that she has a mother like Matriarch Farrell.”

Whether Kathryn could take over the position of matriarch was still unknown.

Serenity’s biological mother was the biological daughter of the previous Matriarch Farrell.

“Privately, Kathryn is also collecting evidence that Matriarch Farrell assassinated the eldest sister and younger sister. It is difficult for us outsiders to collect evidence. In addition, too much time has passed. Unless there are witnesses and insiders who are still alive, it will be very difficult for us to collect evidence.”

Kevin had been chasing Hayden in Jensburg for a long time, and Zachary asked Kevin to pay attention to the movements of the Farrell family in Jensburg and provide Serenity and the others with the latest and most authentic news.

Zachary said: “Although at present, Kathryn’s three views are upright, she has always been the biological daughter of Matriarch Farrell. If she really has evidence in her hand, can she really kill her relatives with justice? It’s hard to say.

Let people keep an eye on Kathryn. If she collects evidence before us, find a way to get it from her. Not everyone can kill relatives as righteously as your second sister-in-law, and your second sister-in-law’s situation is different from Kathryn’s.”

Mrs. Newman abused Camryn a lot, killed Camryn’s biological father, and almost killed Camryn, causing her to be blind for ten years and also making it difficult for her to give birth. All this made Camryn have no mother-daughter affection for her biological mother, but she was full of resentment, so she was able to kill her relatives righteously.

Besides, Mrs. Newman also wanted to die on her own, so she was caught in the eye of the bullet.

Kevin replied, “I have already arranged for someone to keep an eye on Kathryn, but there is a man beside Kathryn who is very powerful. I heard that every head of the family will have an assistant beside him. The assistant has been specially trained and has great abilities and skills. The most important thing is that he would rather die than betray the family leader. He is the most loyal person to the family leader.”

“Did the previous assistant to the Matriarch Farrell also die in an accident with her family?” Zachary suddenly asked about the situation of the assistant of the new matriarch, Farrell.

Kevin choked and then said, “I really don’t know about this.”

The incident happened forty or fifty years ago, when they were not even born yet.

Their York family was in Wiltspoon, so even their parents knew very little about this matter.


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