Married at First Sight Chapter 2581 by Thomasnovel

Married at First Sight Chapter 2581-Kiera replied cheerfully, “Okay, I’ll tell my mother and ask her to cook more rice and fry two more dishes at night. She will be very happy to know that you like to eat her cooking.”

“Auntie’s food is really delicious,” Julian said with a smile.

Kiera: “Mr. Bucham, you can eat more tonight. I’ll go exercise first and pick you up at the airport soon. See you in the evening.”

Julian: “Okay, I’m going to put it into airplane mode too. See you tonight.”

Julian said goodbye but was reluctant to hang up the phone first. He waited until Kiera hung up the phone before taking the phone away from his ear.

The screen picture on his mobile phone was a photo of Kiera. When Kiera attended the wedding of Zachary and Serenity, Julian took a few solo photos of her scenery and sent them to Kiera. He also kept them on his mobile phone and set her solo photo as the phone screen picture.

As long as he turned on your phone, he could see Kiera.

Kiera had a heroic look on her face, a bright smile, and exuded youthful vitality. The more Julian looked at her, the more he liked her.

The plane took off from Wiltspoon and landed at Yonsburg Airport a few hours later.

After the plane landed safely, Julian immediately turned off airplane mode.

Then his cell phone kept receiving messages. It was Kiera who sent him a message, telling him that she was waiting for him at the airport exit.

Julian called Kiera directly.

“Mr. Bucham.”

Kiera smiled as she opened her mouth. “Are you here? I’ve just arrived. I’m waiting for you at the airport exit. I’ve prepared a big sign for you. You can see your name at a glance when you come out.”

Julian smiled and said, “Okay, I’m getting ready to get off the plane. I still need to get my suitcase. I can’t go out until I get the suitcase.”

“It’s okay; I’ll wait for you. Have you eaten? I’ll buy you some snacks to eat on the way back. The airport is a bit far from my home. It will be dark when I get home, so I’m afraid you’ll be hungry.”

Although Kiera was bold, she was also very careful. Julian was really satisfied with her.

Julian: “No, the flight I took didn’t have meals. It only lasted a few hours. I thought I wouldn’t be hungry, and I didn’t bring anything to eat. Then help me buy some delicious snacks from Yonsburg; I’ll taste them later.”

Kiera: “Okay, I’ll go buy it now. I’ll come back and wait for you after buying it. I’ve sent you the location. If you can’t find it, call me.”

Knowing that Julian was not picky about food and was easy to feed, Kiera went to buy some food for Julian after finishing the phone call. She also bought some grilled ham sausages and ate them while waiting for Julian.

Julian came out and saw Kiera without looking for the sign with his name on it.

Her appearance had long been burned into his heart, allowing him to recognize her at a glance among the crowd.

Kiera was still eating ham sausage.


Julian called her first, and then she saw Julian dragging his suitcase out and walking up to her.


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