Married at First Sight Chapter 2583 by Thomasnovel

Married at First Sight Chapter 2583-Julian smiled and said, “Maybe the elders are like this. My parents are also like this. They love to nag. My dad is the same as a grown man, let alone my mom. When I see my dad now, he is like, When a mouse sees a cat, it wants to crawl into its hole, fearing that it will talk about me.”

Two people got into the car.

Julian wanted to drive, but when Kiera sat directly on the driver’s seat, he said, “Are you driving?”

Kiera: “Well, I’ll drive. You’re not familiar with this place, and my car is ordinary. I’m afraid you won’t be used to driving. Don’t worry, my driving skills are pretty good, so you’ll be fine.”

Julian walked around the car body and then sat on the passenger seat. While fastening his seat belt, he said, “I have ridden all kinds of cars. Before I made money, I rode bicycles and electric cars. Also squeezed through the bus. Now I drive a more expensive car when I go out, mainly to save face.”

If Julian hadn’t told Kiera the truth, Julian would have said that he still owed the car loan for his car.

Because he revealed his true identity, Julian couldn’t lie to Kiera anymore.

Kiera understood and said, “You are already a big president, so you must drive a better car to show your face when you go out. My dad and my brother also drive better cars when they go out to meet friends. They usually use a car worth tens of thousands of dollars.

The car I’m driving is a very cheap one, and it’s costing a few thousand dollars. I think it’s enough to have a car for transportation. There’s no need to pursue an expensive car. Of course, my wallet is not big enough, and I can’t afford a more expensive car.”

She didn’t have much savings. After all, she had only been working at her own martial arts gym for a few years, and she didn’t have much money to buy a car. The last time she took her children to Wiltspoon to participate in a martial arts competition, she stayed at the Wiltspoon Hotel at her own expense and took her children with her. They walked around and bought a lot of small gifts.

That little savings was almost spent.

Now she had to save money again, and she strived to buy a house by herself in a few years. There was no shortage of houses in the family, which were bought by her parents. Her brother’s house was bought with his own money, and he paid the mortgage himself, and his parents did not contribute any money.

Her parents told her that the family was wealthy, but if they wanted to get rich, they had to work hard on their own and in their own martial arts gym. They were paid based on how well they did, just like coaches hired from outside the gym. Outside, there were coaches who were better and made more money than there were.

Of course, she was the curator’s daughter, which meant she could call the curator daddy, and there was no other special treatment.

They also told them that they could have the family property if they were willing to share it with them. They would not have it if it wasn’t given to them. They don’t expect to grow old and rely on their own efforts for everything.

Any money they had left over would be spent if they lacked the capacity. Why would they spend their parents’ money if they had the means to do so if they couldn’t keep it?

Julian coaxed her: “Would you like to find another job? If you become my personal bodyguard, I can give you a higher salary, which will increase your income by several levels. I promise to give you the best welfare package, which will be better than working at your own martial arts gym.”

Kiera glanced at him and then drove the car intently. She smiled and said, “Mr. Bucham, stop joking with me.”

“You’ve already told me to call me by my name, but you still always call me Mr. Bucham. We are friends now. Don’t call me so unfamiliar.”


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