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Married at First Sight Chapter 2585-Julian smiled and said, “You are welcome to come see me at any time. By the way, I delivered two large boxes of things by express delivery. Have you received them? I checked the express information and found that you can receive them today.”

Julian bought a lot of specialties from Wiltspoon, as well as some nutritional supplements for middle-aged and elderly people, and couriered them to Yonsburg. The recipient was Kiera.

Kiera was his destined girl, and he must always behave well in front of the Caron family.

He had come a long way, but he couldn’t come empty-handed.

Kiera said, “I don’t know about this. I came to the airport to pick you up in the afternoon. If there is express delivery, it will be delivered to my home. My mother will be at home all day and will help me collect the express delivery. Julian, what did you buy? It doesn’t have to cost so much.”

“It’s just some specialties from Wiltspoon. Last time, you left in a hurry and didn’t prepare many specialties for you. This time I bought some more and had them delivered by courier two days in advance. This way, the courier can arrive when I arrive.

My parents knew that you saved my life, but I didn’t repay you properly. They scolded me severely. They scolded me for being ungrateful. If you scold me like this, no one will be willing to be in danger next time. He extended a helping hand, saying that if you receive a drop of kindness from someone, you should repay it with a spring of water.

Kiera, I’m not a bad person who doesn’t know how to be grateful.”

Kiera smiled and said, “Julian, you’re not a bad person. You already paid me back. When I brought my children to the competition the last time, you treated us to food and drinks, took us to play, and wouldn’t let us spend a penny. You even took me to the wedding of Young Master York and Young Mistress York as a special gift. These are your rewards.”

Julian: “It’s still not enough. I’ll repay you with a spring of water.”

If he promised to repay her with his own, that would be a favor for her.

Kiera said, “Uncle and aunt are incredibly kind.”

Kiera had met the head of the Bucham family and his wife and was deeply impressed by and fond of the enthusiastic and kind couple.

They were well-educated and spoke softly. When Mrs. Bucham held her hand and looked at her with a smile, Kiera felt that Mrs. Bucham treated her as a daughter.

Julian said that he had no biological sister, only a cousin. Maybe it was because he had no biological sister. When his mother saw a girl, she couldn’t help but treat her as a daughter, so just tell her to get used to it.

Julian said, “My parents also said they would come over to visit your parents. I guess they will come over later. I am their most beloved son. You saved me, and you are the savior of my family. Our whole family is grateful to you. My parents are so passionate about you; that is a normal reaction. If it were my son If someone saves him, I will kneel down to thank the benefactor.”

Kiera was startled. “Uncle and aunt are coming over? It’s really not necessary; it’s just a little effort from me.”

She had a very good impression of Julian’s parents. She thought they were easy to get along with and very friendly, but she couldn’t bear the two elders kneeling down to her.

Kiera: “Julian, hurry up and tell my uncle and aunt not to kneel down to me. I can’t bear it. You have said thank you to me countless times and repaid me a lot. Now you are delivering so many specialties to me; that’s enough.”

Julian said, “This is what my parents want. I can’t control what they want to do. When they come to thank you, just look at them and don’t let them kneel down to thank you.”

Kiera: “I want to watch, and let my whole family watch for me. When I see my uncle and aunt want to kneel down to thank me, I quickly support them. They are the elders, and I am the junior. I can’t bear it. I can’t bear it. I really can’t bear it. I think it’s a trivial matter.”

However, the Bucham family insisted on treating her as their savior.

With Julian’s skills, if she didn’t help, Julian would not fall into the hands of the bad guys. The worst he could do would be to run away.


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