Married at First Sight Chapter 2587 by Thomasnovel

Married at First Sight Chapter 2587-Kiera said to Kendrick, “Brothet, if you dare to drink, Mom will sell all the good wine in our house.”

She’s also a good drinker, but she didn’t drink well.

Her mother also refused to let her drink, saying that, as a girl, she had a poor capacity for drinking and would get into trouble easily when she got drunk.

Kendrick chuckled and said in a low voice, “That’s why we want to keep Julian at our house. Julian is a guest. He packed a late-night snack for us. Let’s buy some wine and have a late-night snack with Julian. Just two drinks; don’t get drunk; don’t delay our work during the day; mom won’t say anything.”

People who are good at drinking cannot drink; it is a kind of torture.

Kendrick thought of Julian.

Last time Julian came over, everyone in the family got drunk except Kiera.

Taking advantage of Julian to get over his alcohol addiction was something that Kendrick felt he had no choice about. Who told them that both father and son were surnamed Caron, but they were tightly controlled by his mother, who was not surnamed Caron.

Julian said with a smile, “During my stay here, if you want to have a midnight snack, just tell me, and I will pack it for you outside. As for drinking, just drink half a glass and don’t drink too much. Auntie doesn’t let you drink every day; it’s also for your health.”

He wanted to please his future brother-in-law, but he couldn’t offend his mother-in-law.

Between the mother-in-law and his brother-in-law, Julian must be on the mother-in-law’s side.

Kendrick said, “I won’t drink every day. I’ll only drink a little when the addiction comes. Mom is out, so stop talking.”

Hearing his mother’s familiar footsteps, Kendrick quickly reminded Kiera and Julian not to talk about drinking anymore; at least their mother would overhear and scold him.

Julian dragged his suitcase, followed Kendrick and Kiera into the house, and met Mrs. Caron, who came out. He politely and sweetly called out, “Auntie, I’m disturbing you again.”

Mrs. Caron warmly greeted him into the house and said, “If you’re sorry for disturbing me, come in quickly, wash your hands, and eat. Kiera said you wanted to eat the food I cooked. I’ve prepared the food early and am waiting for you.”

The food she cooked was so popular that people as far away as Wiltspoon still remembered it. When Julian came here on a business trip, he wanted to eat it several times, which gave Mrs. Caron a sense of accomplishment.

Mr. Caron was sitting at the tea table in the room with a pot of tea brewed in front of him. Seeing Julian come in, he poured half a cup of tea for Julian and called to him, “Julian, have a drink of tea first.”

Julian put down his suitcase, walked over, called Uncle Caron, and sat down opposite him.

Mr. Caron placed the cup of tea in front of him.

Julian thanked Mr. Caron, picked up the cup of tea, and drank it gracefully.

When Mr. Caron saw Julian drinking tea for the first time, he knew that this boy was either rich or noble. Later, he heard from Kiera that Julian was the boss of the Bucham Group and could be brothers with the head of the York Corporation. A business tycoon with whom he has collaborated on many business ventures.

He was really young and promising.

He had a very good appearance and was gentle and courteous in his dealings with others.

And his boxing and kicking skills were very good.

Regarding Julian’s concealment that he knew martial arts at first and wanted to enter the Caron Family Martial Arts gym to learn martial arts, Mr. Caron had murmured that Kiera said that Julian just wanted to repay her kindness, so he didn’t take it to heart.


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