Married at First Sight Chapter 2589 by Thomasnovel

Married at First Sight Chapter 2589-No matter how much the Caron family tried to persuade them, Julian said he had no ability to stop his parents’ actions, leaving the Caron family helpless.

They thought that if Julian’s parents really came over, they would just entertain them well.

“Ring ring ring…”

Mrs. Caron’s cell phone rang.

She took out her phone and answered the call without looking at the caller ID.

“Matchmaker Foley.”

Hearing Mrs. Caron greet the person on the other side of the phone, Kendrick and Kiera immediately pricked up their ears and listened to their mother talking on the phone with Matchmaker Foley.

“Introduce a boyfriend to our Kiera? What kind of job does he do? Do you know about Kiera’s situation? You won’t worry about me, Kiera, committing domestic violence against them like the previous ones, right?

Matchmaker Foley, let me tell you first. If the man is worried that my Kiera will be violent, you don’t have to pull strings. Kiera will not marry a boy who has such thoughts. I would rather raise her for the rest of my life than let her marry someone who is prone to domestic violence.”

Matchmaker Foley smiled on the phone: “It won’t happen this time. I’ve made it clear to others. Kiera is a good girl with a cheerful and free temper. I like her very much. My son is still young; otherwise, I would definitely try my best to bring my son and Kiera together.”

“This time I am introducing the son of my colleague to Kiera. My colleague’s family is in good condition and is on par with yours. Her son works for a big company and is usually too busy with work. He has never had time to fall in love. My colleague said that we would make an appointment for the two children to meet tomorrow. Is it convenient for Kiera?”

Mrs. Caron asked, “How is your colleague’s son like? Do you know his character? We are so familiar, you can’t cheat my daughter.”

Although Mrs. Caron felt that Kier had not been in love at the age of twenty-four and was a little anxious, she could not just find a man to marry.

Matchmaker Foley said, “I’ve only met my colleague’s son once or twice. He looks pretty good. I can’t vouch for his true character. But my colleague is very easy to get along with. She is good, so her son won’t be that bad. Where to go? Meet each other, get close, let’s interact for a while, and get to know each other, and you will know whether his character is good or bad.

Even if I say he is very good, it still takes time to understand him. You won’t believe him just because I say he is very good. You have to get along before you know how he is.”

Mrs. Caron smiled. “That’s right, that’s okay. Let’s meet tomorrow. Where can we meet? Give us the address, and I’ll ask Kiera to go there tomorrow.”

Matchmaker Foley said: “It’s not far away, in the milk tea and snack shop near your martial arts gym. I will now send you a photo of my colleague’s son. You can show it to Kiera, and we will meet tomorrow. Tell Kiera to try to dress up more femininely tomorrow. She is very good-looking. As long as she dresses up a little, puts on light makeup, wears a skirt, puts on high heels, and makes her walk more gracefully, she will be like a fairy descending to earth, and the chance of a successful blind date will be greatly improved.”

Mrs. Caron responded readily. She also felt that her daughter’s dress was too androgynous.

After ending the call, Mrs. Caron quickly received a photo from Matchmaker Foley. When she saw the man’s photo, Mrs. Caron was a little disappointed because the man was a little fatter.

“Did Matchmaker Foley introduce a boy to my daughter again?”

Mr. Caron took a sip of wine, picked up a chopstick to eat, and asked his wife.


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