The Mans Decree Chapter 3611

Although Igor had a very strained relationship with Helmut, if Igor were to find out about that matter, it would likely be very hard for him to bear!

After a moment of hesitation, Kai finally gritted his teeth and decided to tell Igor the


After all, the disciples of the Blood Spirit Valley had been slaughtered. Igor, as their master, had every right to know the truth!

“Mr. Lothian, I have discovered who slaughtered the Blood Spirit Valley!” Kai spoke slowly!

Upon hearing that, Igor quickly widened his eyes, anxiously asking, “Who was it?”

Rosetta and Dalton were both intently staring at Kai , especially Dalton. His fists were clenched tightly, ready to seek revenge the moment Kai spilled the beans!

“It was Bloodroot Peak. Helmut was responsible, Kai said.

“It’s him? How could it possibly be him?” Igor was taken aback, his face full of disbelief!

Even Rosetta and Dalton were utterly shocked. They simply couldn’t believe it!

After all, Helmut was once a member of the Blood Spirit Valley. Many of the disciples in the Blood Spirit Valley were acquainted with Helmut!

Even if Helmut had objections and was at odds with Igor, he wouldn’t have been mad enough to massacre the entire Blood Spirit Valley!

Dalton looked at Kai in disbelief and asked, “Mr. Chance, how could this be possible? Even if he harbored resentment toward the Blood Spirit Valley, he wouldn’t possibly act this way, would he? How did you come to know about this?”

After all, such matters simply cannot afford any mistakes!

“I witnessed with my own eyes that the people of Bloodroot Peak slaughtering the inhabitants of Blood Spirit Valley to the brink of extinction. Just now, I activated the time magical item, using it to travel back in time and witness everything that had happened then!” Kai spoke truthfully!

“This…” Dalton didn’t know how to refute.

Igor was deeply furrowed in worry. He trusted that Kai wouldn’t deceive him, yet he found it hard to believe that his own junior could actually commit such an act!

“Mr. Chance, you used the time magical item to witness the scene from back then. Is it possible that it was just a dream? Even if Mr. Koritnik is a bit of a rogue, he wouldn’t dare to do such a thing, right?” Rosetta couldn’t believe that Helmut would do that.

“It could also possibly be a dream. I’m somewhat unsure myself!” Upon hearing that, all Kai could do was explain!

However, Kai knew that what he experienced was not a dream. He was certain he had witnessed the scene at that time!

However, Igor and the others were unwilling to believe it at that time, and Kai had no way to prove it!

He had just used the time magical item to travel back in the past, and he was unable to use it again. If he wanted to use it once more, he would have to wait for some time!

With a fierce expression, Igor exclaimed, “Whether it was a dream or reality, it seemed I must make a trip to Bloodroot Peak to confront Helmut face to face. If it truly was his doing, I would undoubtedly tear him to shreds and cause the entire Bloodroot Peak to vanish without a trace!”

“Mr. Lothian, I will accompany you. When the time comes, we can confront Helmut together.” Kai knew that Helmut would certainly not admit it.

If Kai accompanied Igor, he could confront Helmut with the scenes he had witnessed!

Moreover, if Igor went by himself, there was a chance that Helmut might even trap Igor!

Helmut dared to slaughter everyone in the Blood Spirit Valley, showing no mercy or sentiment. Therefore, it was certain that he would not hesitate to strike against Igor!

“All right, thank you, Mr. Chance.” Igor nodded.

Kai called upon the Montane Daemon to join him. After all, with Montane Daemon’s strength, dealing with Helmut would be a piece of cake!

As for Catina and the others, Kai had them stay in Blood Spirit Valley!

At present, Hanes and his group from Soulless Hall were in the Blood Spirit Valley. Catina and her team also stayed behind, serving as a form of surveillance over the Soulless Hall!

As the saying went, one shouldn’t have the heart to harm others but must be vigilant so as not to be harmed.

If Hanes were to leak the news of Kai ’s presence in the Blood Spirit Valley, then the Blood Spirit Valley would once again face calamity!

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