The Mans Decree Chapter 3612

Ever since Helmut had slaughtered everyone in the Blood Spirit Valley, he had been restless all that time in Bloodroot Peak!

Especially just a short while ago, he felt a tightness in his heart, as if someone had peered into it!

With a wave of his hand, Helmut immediately had an elder running over to him.

“Back when the massacre at the Valley of Blood Spirits took place, was the scene thoroughly cleaned up? Was every trace of presence completely erased?” Helmut said with a slight frown!

The elder whispered, “Mr. Koritnik, everything has been taken care of. It’s been many days now. If Igor had left any trace, it would have been found by now.”

“That’s good!” Helmut nodded, then continued, “Have you found out any information about Kai ?”

“All I found out was that Kai seemed to have appeared in the Five Great Sects, and then he left! On their journey, they were ambushed by the Hoover brothers. Furthermore, they were pursued by over a hundred cultivators from more than ten large and small clans and sects. However, thanks to the timely arrival of several Individuals from the three kings and four archons of the Beast Clan, Kai was saved.

After that, Kai ’s whereabouts became unknown. However, it seemed that Kai had always been with Igor of the Blood Spirit Valley. I believe he should be in the Blood Spirit Valley now.” The elder carefully responded!

“Blood Spirit Valley is ruined. What’s the point of staying there? However, Igor is truly fortunate to have Kai follow him. If we were to hand Kai over to Demon Seal Alliance now, he would be worth a hundred years of their offerings!” Envy filled Helmut’s eyes!

“Mr. Koritnik, many sects and noble families are currently pursuing Kai . Should we also…” The elder made a throat-slitting gesture!

“If Kai is indeed in the Blood Spirit Valley, that would make things easier. I could have a discussion with Igor. After all, Kai is an extremely valuable individual right now. I refuse to believe he wasn’t greedy!” Helmut’s eyes narrowed slightly, his expression slyly conveyed.

“Mr. Koritnik, should we try to contact Igor to see if Kai is with him?” the elder asked.

“No need. Gather a few people. We’ll personally make a trip to the Blood Spirit Valley and see for ourselves.” Helmut waved his hand and spoke!

Since his massacre of the Blood Spirit Valley had not been exposed, there was no need for excessive worry!

At that time, Igor, Montane Daemon, and Kai were rapidly heading toward the Bloodroot Peak!

Blood Spirit Valley and Bloodroot Peak were not far apart. Once one ascended one peak, one had arrived!

“Mr. Chance, Demon Seal Alliance has issued a death warrant against you by now. I’m sure Bloodroot Peak must have received the news as well. If you go to the Bloodroot Peak with us just like this, there’s a chance that Helmut might play some tricks. I suggest you alter your appearance and conceal your aura. That way, Helmut would not be able to recognize you.” Montane Daemon spoke to Kai !

After all, Kai had become quite a celebrity. Wherever he went, there was a chance he could be recognized and subsequently pursued!

To avoid unnecessary trouble, it was only right for Kai to change his appearance!

Kai possessed the Impersonation Technique, so changing his appearance had become the easiest thing for him!

“Mr. Chance, I believe Mr. Daemon is right. You should consider altering your appearance. Helmut is insatiably greedy. If he learns about Demon Seal Alliance’s Decree of Execution, he will surely take action.” Igor also advised Kai !

Upon seeing the situation, Kai could only nod in agreement. He then used Impersonation Technique, transforming himself into the appearance of a man in his early thirties!

A portion of his aura was concealed, making him appear to only possess the strength of Body Fusion Realm!

At first glance, it was truly nothing out of the ordinary!

Although it couldn’t withstand the other party’s investigation, if anyone had contact with Kai , they could discover it as soon as they investigated his aura. However, it was still effective to deceive those who had rarely encountered Kai , or even those who had never met him at all!

Upon seeing Kai ’s transformation, Igor gave a nod of approval, then they swiftly headed toward Bloodroot Peak!

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