Gu Lingfei: Married at First Sight Novel Chapter 901 | [Serenity & Zachary]

Gu Lingfei: Married at First Sight Novel Chapter 901

Serenity also admitted that her in–laws were very good people. However, she could tell that her mother–in–law was not too satisfied with her.

There was no conflict yet between Serenity and her mother–in–law, but as they spend more time together in the future, would she experience the same thing her aunt did in her youth?

What Serenity wanted was to be truly acknowledged by her in–laws!

“Let’s leave it at this, Zachary. It’s late now. You should rest early. I’m going back.”

Serenity suppressed her anger and did not quarrel with Zachary. She could not convince him, and he could not understand what it was that she wanted.

It was a waste of breath to continue the discussion.

Serenity felt powerless. She felt that if they continued talking, they would just end up quarreling again. In fact, the fight would most likely escalate and worsen their relationship further. She came here to settle their issues, not to fight with him.

Zachary stood up and grabbed her arm, saying in a low voice, “Serenity, I won’t sign any contract with you. We’re already married. In this life, we’re husband and wife.”

“If you don’t want to sign, then fine. Rest early.”

Serenity wanted to move his hand away, but he was too strong. She was not strong enough to pry his hand away with just one hand, so he continued to hold her.

Zachary saw her flippant attitude and felt that she did not take what he said to heart at all. She was still thinking of doing what she said. He was angry, but when he saw her injured left hand, his temper extinguished instantly.

She got hurt because she was affected by what he said. She got injured because of his bad attitude.

The injury was on her body, but he felt the pain in his heart.

The couple had different views on the matter. He could not convince her, and she could not convince him either, but he could not fly into a rage lest he hurt her again.

“Seren, don’t go back to your sister’s place tonight, okay? It’s already so late. Your sister must be tired after working all day. Let her rest early with Sonny.”

Zachary did not want to let her go.

Even if she did not share a bed with him, he would feel at ease as long as she stayed under the same roof as him.. He felt she could not give him a sense of security while she felt he could not provide her with a sense of trust.


“Don’t worry, I’ll send you back to your sister’s place after breakfast tomorrow. I won’t treat you like before. That time, I only went crazy and did that to you because I was too afraid. Forgive me for my impulsiveness, okay?”

“I told my sister that I would be going back.

“I want to go back, Zachary. Let me go.”

Serenity looked at him with calm eyes laced with stubbornness.

Zachary pursed his lips and looked at her for a long time, then finally let go of her arm.

“I’ll drive you there.”

He picked up the car keys.

Serenity did not refuse him. She was afraid her continuous refusals would anger him. It was not worth the risk.

The young couple walked out of the house in silence and went downstairs together. No one spoke a single word.

When they arrived downstairs, Zachary chose to drive the national MPV. She was used to sitting in that car.

Serenity did not say anything.

When she sat in his MPV, she was reminded of her ridiculous foolishness. She thought he was a simple salaryman just because he drove an ordinary car. She did not even imagine he simply switched to an ordinary car in order to hide his identity from her.

Grandma May and the other members of the York family all drove ordinary cars when they appeared in front of her. Furthermore, all of them were new cars.

Serenity turned her head to look at the night scene outside the window, trying not to think about him and his entire family lying to her.

Zachary drove very slowly, thinking that he could spend more time with her that way.


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