Gu Lingfei: Married at First Sight Novel Chapter 902 | [Serenity & Zachary]

Gu Lingfei: Married at First Sight Novel Chapter 902

No matter how slowly he drove, the car soon reached Liberty’s place.

Liberty did not want to be too far away from her sister when she was looking for a rented place, so the apartment was nearby Brynfield.

Zachary stopped the car.

“We’re here.”

Serenity opened the car door, said goodbye to Zachary, and got out of the car.

“I’ll take you upstairs.”

“No need. You go back. Drive safe and have a good rest at home tomorrow. You don’t look too good.”

Zachary’s dark eyes burned into her, and he asked in a low voice, “Seren, you still care about me, right?”

He tried to hold her hand, but she simply turned and entered the building.

Zachary stood at the entrance and watched her go up. In the end, he did not walk her to the door. He had his pride too. He had bowed to her several times, but never once she accepted…

After a long time, he turned and went back to the car. He called Josh and Duncan and asked them to go to Neon Nights for a drink.

After the call, he drove away and went straight to Neon Nights.

Josh and Duncan arrived before him. The two asked for a private room and ordered beers while waiting for him.

When Zachary came in and saw the two beers they ordered, he exclaimed, “Are there no good drinks in this bar, or do you not have enough money to buy good booze? Why are you drinking beer? When it comes to alcohol, the stronger the better! No one is going home sober tonight!”

Tomorrow was the weekend, so he could sleep the whole day away.

Josh said, “I’ll accompany you guys, but I won’t drink. One of us has to remain sober. Otherwise, who will send you home?

“Also, I have to accompany Jasmine to her aunt’s house for dinner tomorrow, so I can’t drink or get drunk.”

Duncan nudged Josh’s arm and asked nosily, “You’re already meeting Ms. Sox’s family? You’re progressing quickly.”

“I wish. Jasmine likes to take it slow. Mrs. Lowe found her another blind date–an executive in Lowe Enterprise. Calling her over for dinner is just a front for her to go on a blind date with that guy.

“How dare anyone try to go after a woman I have my eyes on? No matter how exceptional the other man is, how can he compare to me?”

He wanted to let everyone know that he was pursuing Jasmine so that the Sox family would stop arranging blind dates for her.

Duncan laughed. “There really aren’t many people who can compare to you.”

Zachary ordered a few bottles of spirits.

He sat on the sofa and started drinking.

“You were happy as a lark when you went to pick up your wife. What happened? You guys haven’t made up yet? Why are you drinking?”

Zachary did not say anything and silently drank his liquor.

Duncan accompanied him and drank two glasses, but Josh did not touch a drop of alcohol.

“Zachary, talk to us if you have something on your chest. I might not be able to help you, but Josh is here. Having him help you analyze is better than you bashing your head against the wall.”

Duncan stopped Zachary from drinking the last bottle and said with a frown, “Stop drinking. You’ll drink yourself into a coma at this rate.”

Zachary shook Duncan’s hand off, picked up the bottle, and poured himself another glass. However, instead of drinking from the glass, he lifted the bottle and drank straight from the mouth. He downed the bottle until it was empty.

His grip loosened and the bottle fell to the ground and shattered.

Then, he suddenly swept all the bottles and glasses on the table to the floor.

They shattered with a loud crash.

The waiter at the door was startled and entered the room to check on them.

When he saw that it was Josh and the others, he hurriedly withdrew again and closed the door.


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