Married at First Sight Chapter 1668 by desirenovel

Married at First Sight Chapter 1668 by desirenovel-Duncan always went to All You Can Eat to eat breakfast before 8 o’clock.

By staggering the time, she could avoid meeting Duncan.

Liberty asked Serenity for help.

After reading the message sent by Liberty, Serenity sighed inwardly.

After all, Liberty was forced to take the road of escape.

If she hadn’t married Zachary, and the York family was in Wiltspoon, she would have stayed in Wiltspoon to live. Liberty might really do what Mrs. Lewis wished, and quietly leave Wiltspoon with Sonny, away from Duncan.

Even if Duncan traveled all over the world, he would find Liberty, but it would take time.

Serenity replied to Liberty that she respected and would help her with any decisions she made.

“A message from Liberty?” Zachary guessed.

Serenity hummed.

Zachary: “What did she say? You look so serious.”

Serenity: “My sister is moving to a rented house now. She found a new rented house on the spur of the moment and moved to Dinshasa Community. It is a high-end community with a high level of security. You cannot enter without an access card. You can only go in unless the residents in the community lead you in. Moving to a rented house may not necessarily avoid Duncan, but at least keep him out of the Dinshasa community.”

After listening to Zachary, her expression was indescribable.

Serenity: “…Zachary, I knew that Dinshasa District is developed by the Lewis & Co..”

The Lewis & Co. was involved in real estate and had indeed developed many real estate projects.

“It’s a real estate developed by Duncan Company. It’s sold well and has a high occupancy rate. The Dinshasa villa area and Dinshasa Community next to it are developed together. Duncan reserved a big villa for himself in the Dinshasa villa area.”

“People in the community cannot pass through the villa area, but people in the villa area can come. The security level there is very high, and the security personnel hired by Duncan are all strictly trained and absolutely qualified security personnel. “

Serenity: “… My sister is throwing herself into a trap like this?”

The rented house was moved to Duncan’s site. Such these rich people had houses everywhere.

Zachary said: “Liberty wants to change the rent, I will arrange it for her. On our York’s site, She is safer. You tell her to quit the rent and don’t move to Dinshasa District.”

Serenity: “At that time, Duncan will ask Liberty’s whereabouts, can you keep your mouth shut?”

“Of course, even if Duncan finds out, I won’t admit that I arranged it. I’m so busy, how can I care about the broken locks of who rents out the houses developed by the company?” Zachary said, “Duncan may not be able to find out, as long as I don’t let Duncan find out, Duncan will not be able to find out.”

Serenity believed in Zachary, if he could say it, he would do it.

“I’ll tell my sister right now.” Serenity called Liberty and told her that Dinshasa District was a real estate developed by Lewis & Co., and told her not to rent a house there.

Liberty: “…”

She almost threw herself into the trap.

This time, Liberty accepted Zachary’s help very quickly. She said to her sister, “Serenity, tell Zachary that you must keep it a secret, and don’t let Duncan know.”

“Sister, don’t worry.”

Liberty: “Then please Zachary arrange a place for me, and you tell him that the rent will be paid.”

Serenity: “Okay, I told him to keep your rent, but it’s cheaper.”

Zachary said from the side: “Sister, I will keep the rent, so don’t worry.”


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