Married at First Sight Chapter 1670 by desirenovel

Married at First Sight Chapter 1670 by desirenovel-Serenity did not speak.

The people around her, Jasmine’s love was the smoothest, without wind and waves, and soon entered the wedding hall.

There were many obstacles in Elisa’s love and her sister’s second spring.

She was lucky, she had conflicts with Zachary, the cold war, and divorce, and finally understood, respected and trusted each other, and was now happy.

Zachary quickly adjusted his mentality, and said softly: “Honey, go to sleep, don’t think so much, let nature take its course.”

Serenity hummed.

Husband and wife embraced each other and slept without talking all night.

At noon the next day, Duncan woke up.

After sleeping long enough, he woke up with no obvious headache except feeling hungry.

Finding that it was already noon, he got up immediately, took a shower, changed into clean clothes, and went downstairs.

Still on the stairs, he saw his parents sitting on the sofa in the lobby on the first floor.

Duncan’s mood suddenly turned bad.

Hearing the sound of footsteps, Mrs. Lewis turned her head and saw her son on the stairs. She said, “Duncan, you are awake. You are hungry. You can eat.”

Duncan went downstairs, walked over, and sat opposite his parents. Next, he asked coldly: “Did my parents come here to persuade me to give up? If so, you don’t need to open your mouth. I won’t give up on Liberty. I just like her and I just want to marry her.”

Mrs. Lewis originally wanted to have a good chat with her son, but the words his son spoke made her angry.

Her face also turned dark in an instant.

“Duncan, I also said the same thing. If you want to be with Liberty, cut off the mother-child relationship with me first. After you are no longer my son, you can marry whoever you want.”

“Wife.” Mr. Lewis disagreed called his wife.

Duncan and Mrs. Lewis looked at each other for a long time, stood up abruptly, turned around and left.

“Duncan, where are you going, are you looking for Liberty again? People don’t like you, so you still have to be cheeky…Come back to me!”

The son left without saying a word, Mrs. Lewis was so angry that she also got up and chased after her.

Seeing Duncan driving a car out of the garage, Mrs. Lewis wanted to stop the car, but was stopped by her husband.

Duncan drove out of the villa.

Mrs. Lewis immediately ran to her car, and Mr. Lewis had no choice but to follow.

Then, Duncan’s car was running fast ahead, and Mrs. Lewis wanted to stop her son from seeing Liberty again, so she chased desperately.

The two cars left the villa area one after the other, and soon merged into the traffic flow of the big road outside.

Duncan was still driving very fast, he kept overtaking other vehicles, mainly to get rid of his mother.

“Wife, slow down, stop chasing. There are so many cars on the road, it’s very dangerous. If you chase like this, your son will have an accident.” Mr. Lewis, who was sitting in the passenger seat, kept urging his wife not to get along with him. He also disapproved of his son’s pursuit of Liberty, but his son just liked Liberty, and besides, his son was 36 years old, so it was rare to have a woman he liked, so he thought, let’s make his son happy.

“Shut up, don’t talk…”

Before Mrs. Lewis could finish her sentence, she flashed double flashes and braked urgently.

“Bang! Bang!”

There were two loud noises in succession.


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