Married at First Sight Chapter 1672 by desirenovel

Married at First Sight Chapter 1672 by desirenovel-Duncan would go to Liberty’s rented house to look for her every day, Zachary counted the time and thought that Duncan will wake up at noon, and then go to Liberty, and will find that Liberty has moved.

In the end, what Zachary waited for was the news that Duncan had a car accident.

“Where did he have a car accident? Did he hit someone else or someone else hit him? How is the injury?”

When Zachary received a call from Josh, he happened to be on his way to Wiltspoon Middle School and was going to have lunch with Serenity.

Jasmine couldn’t come to the bookstore today, but yesterday afternoon she stayed at the bookstore all afternoon. Josh felt sorry for her being tired, but in fact she wasn’t tired at all, but the man who doted on his wife said that when his wife was tired, she was tired.

Today, no matter what, Jasmine was not allowed to go out again.

Jasmine, who was already a national treasure in the Bucham family, could only stay at home honestly, video chatting with friends from time to time, complaining about many restrictions when she was just pregnant, how would she live in the next few months.

“On the road near the Phoenix Villa area, he was the one who rear-ended a large truck and was seriously injured, especially his legs… I don’t know if he can save it.” Josh learned from Young Master Bucham. When the news came out, his mobile phone fell to the ground. He didn’t believe that his best buddies would encounter any accidents, so he hurried to the hospital and notified Zachary at the same time.

“Which hospital is Duncan at now? I’ll go there right away.” Josh told him.

Zachary immediately ordered the driver: “Don’t go to Wiltspoon Middle School, go to the Wiltspoon People’s Hospital, hurry up.”

Driver: “Young master, you can only turn around at the traffic light ahead.”

Zachary didn’t speak, and acquiesced to turn around at the intersection ahead, no matter how impatient he was, he had to abide by the traffic rules.

Ten minutes later, Zachary rushed to the hospital.

Duncan was still in the emergency room.

His parents, brother-in-law, and some members of the Lewis family were standing guard at the door of the emergency room, all of them looked nervous and worried.

Mrs. Lewis’s eyes were swollen from crying, and she blamed herself to death.

She kept doing worship movements, praying that God would not take the life of her youngest son.

She promised that she would never care about Duncan’s relationship again as long as Duncan lived. She accepted his desire to marry a man and return home.

She only wanted her son to live!

Josh also arrived at this time. After he and Zachary met, the two walked quickly together.

“Uncle, Auntie.” Zachary and Josh first greeted Mr. Lewis and Mrs. Lewis.

Mrs. Lewis was only sad and blamed herself, and did not respond to the two people’s greetings. Mr. Lewis nodded.

“How is Duncan?” Zachary asked with concern.

“Still being rescued, his legs are the most seriously injured.” Mr. Lewis’s face was also as pale as paper, and he held on, telling himself that he couldn’t fall down now.

He didn’t know if his son was alive or dead.

“Dad, Mom, Duncan will be fine, he will be fine.” Older Young master Lewis comforted his parents.

In fact, they were also worried and scared.

The three young mistresses of the Lewis family accompanied her mother-in-law, comforting her in a low voice.

After knowing the main reason for Duncan’s car accident, everyone wanted to blame Mrs. Lewis, but seeing Mrs. Lewis crying into tears, she blamed herself a lot. At this time, no one wanted to blame a mother.

The person who suffered the most and regretted the most was none other than Mrs. Lewis.

Serenity on the other side, after finishing her work, found that Zachary hadn’t come yet, so she called Zachary, who went to the side to answer the phone.

Serenity: “Honey, didn’t you say you wanted to come and dine with me? The hotel has already delivered the food you ordered.”


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