Married at First Sight Chapter 1673 by desirenovel

Married at First Sight Chapter 1673 by desirenovel-After hesitating for a while, Zachary still told the truth to Serenity.

“Serenity, I don’t want to go. After the food is delivered, you can eat it yourself. I’m here…I’m in the hospital, and Duncan had a car accident.”

Hearing this, Serenity’s expression changed, and she asked quickly: “How did the car accident happen? Did it happen when you and Mr. Lewis were together? Did you two drink again? Drunk driving?”

Zachary hurriedly explained: “No, we didn’t drink today. We did drink yesterday. Neither of us was driving. I don’t know what’s going on. Josh informed me and I went to the hospital immediately. Duncan is still in the process of rescue. He said that his legs were the most seriously injured. I don’t know if he can save legs.”

At the end, Zachary’s tone was low and his speech speed became slow, looking sad.

Serenity: “I’m done with my work now, close the store, and I’ll go to the hospital too.”

Zachary didn’t stop Serenity from coming, he told: “Drive slowly.”

“I’ll let the bodyguard drive, don’t worry too much, nothing will happen.” Serenity could only comfort Zachary.

Zachary hummed, “It will be fine!”

He believed that Duncan would survive.

“Serenity, come back after you have something to eat.”

Worried about his friend, Zachary also reminded Serenity to come back after eating. He would not be in the mood to eat when he came to the hospital. Serenity followed suit and starved.

Serenity: “Okay, how many people are guarding in the hospital, I will pack fast food for everyone.”

“No need, you can eat by yourself, I’ll send someone out to buy food.” With Zachary’s arrangements in place, Serenity felt relieved.

After finishing the call, she ate some food as quickly as possible, and then hurriedly moved the shelves at the entrance of the store into the store.

The bodyguard found that she was about to close the shop and came in to help.

A few minutes later, Serenity got into the car, and the bodyguard drove her to Wiltspoon People’s Hospital.

On the way, she thought about it for a long time, and finally got through to her sister’s cell phone.

“Auntie.” The person who answered the phone was Sonny.

Serenity: “Sonny, where is Mom, tell Mom to answer the phone.”

Sonny: “Auntie, don’t you miss me? I miss Auntie. Auntie, Mom and I have moved to a new house. Do you want to come and live with us? I-I want to live with my aunt and mother.”

As before, Sonny could see his aunt every day.

When Serenity was still living in her sister’s house, Sonny had a good memory, and she had a little impression of her.

Serenity: “Sonny, Auntie has something urgent to tell mom. Give mommy the phone first.”

Sonny snorted, walked into the kitchen with the phone, and said to Liberty who was washing the dishes: “Mom, auntie’s call.”

Liberty took the phone, turned on the speakerphone, and asked her sister while washing the dishes: “Serenity, what’s the matter?”

Serenity: “Sister, something happened to Mr. Lewis.”

Hearing this, Liberty was stunned and asked: “What happened to him?”

“Zachary said that Mr. Lewis had a car accident. I don’t know what caused it. The injury is serious. He’s still in the hospital for rescue. I’m on my way to the hospital. When you had an accident, he also ran up and down to help a lot, and even guarded you in the hospital all night. I don’t think this matter can be kept from you, so let me tell you.”

It was Liberty’s decision whether to go to the hospital or not.

Liberty didn’t even wash the dishes, and said: “I’m going to the hospital now.”

It had nothing to do with feelings, she and Duncan had known each other for nearly a year, and Duncan had always taken care of her.

When she had an accident, Duncan also guarded her in the hospital.

Because of these favors, Liberty also went to the hospital to wait for Duncan to wake up.

Serenity: “Sister, if you decide to go to the hospital, I’ll turn around and pick you up right now.”

Liberty: “No, I’ll drive there by myself.”

Serenity reminded: “So, sister, be careful when you drive, and will you go to the hospital with Sonny?”


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