Married at First Sight Chapter 1675 by desirenovel

Married at First Sight Chapter 1675 by desirenovel-Mrs. Lewis’s body swayed, and her two daughters-in-law hurriedly supported her.

“Mom.” The two daughters-in-law cried out worriedly.

“It’s a good start if Duncan’s life is not in danger, and he will recover slowly.”

Mrs. Lewis beat her chest remorsefully, and said remorsefully, “It’s all me, it’s me who killed Duncan, why did the car accident happen? I’m not the person? I’d rather be the one who got into the car accident.”

“Mom, Duncan will be fine. The doctor said he will recover.” Older Young Master Lewis also comforted his mother.

With a serious face, Mr. Lewis said to his son and daughter-in-law: “Help you go back to rest. Duncan is here with me.”

“I won’t go, I won’t go, I will wait for Duncan to come out, and I will take care of Duncan.” Mrs. Lewis refused to leave.

Duncan’s operation was over, but he had not been released yet, so she was worried.

Her son’s misfortune was caused by her being too extreme as a mother. How could she leave?

Mrs. Lewis’s self-blaming words were heard by everyone, and Zachary and others wanted to know exactly how the car accident happened.

Seeing the sad look of the Lewis family, Zachary and others endured it for the time being.

After Duncan was pushed out by the doctors and nurses and transferred to the ward, Zachary and Josh asked Mr. Lewis why.

Mr. Lewis looked at Mrs. Lewis who was sitting in front of the hospital bed crying, sighed, and said softly to Zachary and Josh: “Let’s go outside and talk.”

When Mr. Lewis turned around, he saw Liberty holding her son and Serenity together. After entering, Mr. Lewis paused, and said to Liberty in a pleading tone: “Miss Hunt, can you wait here until Duncan wakes up?”

He felt that his son would feel better when he woke up and saw Liberty.

Liberty said softly, “Uncle Duncan, I will.”

Mr. Lewis thanked her.

Liberty hurriedly said: “Uncle, you don’t need to thank me, Mr. Lewis and I are also friends.”

After looking at Liberty for a while, Mr. Lewis walked out of the ward without saying anything.

Zachary and Josh followed and saw that Mr. Lewis had come to the end of the corridor. He had already taken out a cigarette, lit it and was smoking.

Seeing two people approaching, Mr. Lewis handed them each a cigarette.

Two people took the cigarettes, but did not smoke.

Even though Zachary could smoke, he didn’t do it very often because Serenity didn’t like the smell of tobacco.


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