Married at First Sight Chapter 1677 by desirenovel

Married at First Sight Chapter 1677 by desirenovel-After seeing Duncan’s feelings, they also supported Duncan, but Liberty really didn’t consider remarrying, yes Duncan also really had no love for men and women, and Mrs. Lewis blocked her fiercely, so Zachary wanted to persuade Duncan to give up.

Zachary felt that even if Liberty agreed to Duncan’s pursuit, it would be difficult to be happy in the future, because of the existence of Mrs. Lewis as a mother-in-law.

The first was his closest friend, and the second was his sister. Zachary was also very difficult to do. he persuaded his buddies to give up. The buddies think that he was not enough friends, so he persuade Liberty to accept it. It felt like pushing Liberty into a fire pit.

Zachary felt that the relationship between himself and Serenity was not as difficult as that of Liberty and Duncan.

Duncan discovered his feelings for Liberty when Liberty had an accident. Now that Liberty had recovered, it took only two or three months, and the time for Duncan to pursue Liberty was even shorter.

As a result, before he could touch Liberty, he had a car accident because of his conflict with his mother.

For the future of him and Liberty, Zachary and Josh were not optimistic, and even fould it more difficult than before.

Duncan suffered this injury, and with his character, there was a high probability that he would stay away from Liberty.

Two people, it was possible that there was no relationship between them, leaving a lifetime of regret.

“We know, we know that Liberty doesn’t love Duncan, but only regards Duncan as a friend, and there are also reasons for you. That’s why your aunt stopped Duncan, because the problem lies with Duncan.” Mr. Lewis sighed.

Liberty didn’t love Duncan, it was Duncan who was pursuing Liberty.

Duncan was very good, but the scar on his face was scary. Many girls were afraid to associate with him, always thinking that he was a violent person. Occasionally, those who were willing to try to communicate were mostly because of Duncan’s status and wealth.

Lily might be the most real one. The Harmon family and the Lewis family were right in line, and Lily didn’t dislike the scary scar on Duncan’s face. It’s a pity that the two had no relationship. Now, Lily had given up on Duncan, and only made business friends with Duncan.

Mr. Lewis sighed again, “When Duncan recovers, if he wants to pursue Liberty, his mother and I will never stop him. As long as our son lives well, he can accept anything.”

It’s a trifle.

Zachary and Josh looked at each other and could only say a few words of comfort.

Duncan woke up that night.

When he woke up, the first thing he saw was the white ceiling in the ward.

He wanted to move, but he felt pain all over his body, especially the pain from his legs, which was severe and heartbreaking.

The pain made him break out in a cold sweat.

“Duncan, you’re awake.”

Duncan moved, and Mrs. Lewis, who was guarding the bed, noticed him. She stood up in surprise and said to her husband, “Duncan is awake, call the doctor to come and take a look.”

“Duncan.” Mrs. Lewis came closer and looked at his pale face, her eyes were red again.

Duncan lay still and couldn’t move. He looked around the people in the ward with great effort. Apart from his family and his friends, he also saw Liberty and Sonny in the crowd.

Liberty hugged Sonny. He was tired, so he put his head on his mom’s shoulder.

Mrs. Lewis’s shout must have disturbed Sonny. He opened his eyes, raised his head, and turned to look at Duncan on the hospital bed.

Sonny and Duncan looked at each other.

Sonny struggled to get off the ground.


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