Married at First Sight Chapter 1678 by desirenovel

Married at First Sight Chapter 1678 by desirenovel-Liberty put Sonny down.

Sonny walked to the hospital bed and said to Duncan: “Uncle Duncan, you will be fine, you will be fine, and you will be fine like my mother.”

Duncan smiled weakly and did not speak.

When the doctors and nurses came to look at it, the doctor didn’t say much else, but he did say that there were too many people in the ward. The hurt person needs a good rest. Now that the people who had been hurt were awake, everyone could go back to sleep.

It was not necessary to crowd all in the ward, but it affected him.

In the end, only Duncan’s parents insisted on staying with him, and the others left the hospital one after another after caring about Duncan.

The night was getting dark.

Because of Duncan’s car accident, everyone’s heart was extremely heavy.

Under Serenity’s insistence, Liberty took her son back to the villa on the top of the hill with Serenity and Zachary.

Along the way, Serenity silently held Liberty’s hand. The two sisters didn’t speak, but they understood each other’s feelings.

The next day, the news that the boss of the Lewis & Co. had a car accident spread in Wiltspoon.

They didn’t know if paparazzi could do it or if they already knew that Duncan was after Liberty, and Mrs. Lewis and Mr. Lewis were there at the time of the incident, so the news is a little bit of a guess.

It’s suspected that Duncan had a conflict with his parents, and the car accident occurred when he drove crazily. There was only one reason for Duncan’s conflict with his parents, that was, the Lewis family did not approve of Duncan’s pursuit of the eldest sister of Zachary.

Although this news was not as explosive as Zachary’s announcement that he was married, it still rushed into the hot searches in Wiltspoon, and Liberty was naturally involved.

Liberty didn’t read the news, she got up early and wanted to do something, but she couldn’t find anything to do at Serenity’s house.

There were maids.

She could only walk around the yard a few times, and when it was bright, she saw Sonny being sent to class by Jim, and after talking to the butler, she left the hilltop villa without waiting for Serenity and Zachary to get up.

Liberty went to Wiltspoon People’s Hospital.

When she came to Duncan’s ward, she knocked on the door.

Soon, Mr. Lewis came to open the door and saw that it was Liberty, who was still holding a bouquet of flowers and carrying a basket of fruit. Mr. Lewis quickly took the basket of fruit from Liberty.

“Miss Hunt, come and see Duncan, come in quickly.” Mr. Lewis was now facing Liberty with kindness.

Liberty walked into the ward, and asked softly, “Is Mr. Lewis awake?”

“Not yet. He fell asleep… very late last night.”

Last night , After everyone left, Duncan asked his parents about his injuries, knowing that his legs were seriously injured, which was why he woke up feeling the most pain in his legs.

Although his leg was preserved, the follow-up recovery time was extremely long, and he would need to sit in a wheelchair for a long time.

If he couldn’t stick to rehab, he might be in a wheelchair for the rest of his life.

The following words were not said by Mrs. Lewis and Mr. Lewis, but the truth that Duncan asked to see the doctor from the doctor.

After that, Duncan seemed to be paralyzed, which frightened Mr. Lewis and Mrs. Lewis.

Thankfully, Duncan did not make a fuss, and he was awakened.

Mr. Lewis was quite worried that his son would make a fuss again when he woke up again. Liberty came to visit his son, Duncan at this time, and he regarded Liberty as a savior.

With his son’s liking for Liberty, when he woke up and saw Liberty was there, his son’s mood would be better.


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