Married at First Sight Chapter 1974 by desirenovel

Novel Married at First Sight Chapter 1974 by desirenovel-Jasmine almost spit out a mouthful of milk, she smiled and said to him: “Stop talking, wait until I finish drinking the milk. I don’t want to be fat, even if I’m pregnant, I want to be the most beautiful pregnant mother.”

After giving birth, she had to hurry up and exercise to regain her slim figure.

Her husband said that he would not dislike her being fat, so she heard it well.

Who didn’t like beauty?

If Jasmine really became fat, Josh might not dislike her at first, but gradually he would, and then he would feel that the flowers and plants outside were much better than her, and his heart would leave, and then he would become someone else’s man.

Didn’t Hank say that to Sister Liberty back then?

what’s the result?

It’s not because she disliked sister Liberty for being fat and ugly.

Jasmine would not let herself become the sister Liberty.

Josh: “Then I will become a fat man. If I become fatter, no one will like me. I won’t give you a rival in love.”

Jasmine said deliberately: “I don’t even have a rival in love, so I will take you down easily, without any sense of victory.”

Josh: “I am someone that no one wants, only my wife wants me. My wife, thank you for wanting me. I promise to treat you well for the rest of my life and only love you.”

The smart Josh would not jump into the big hole his wife dug.

If he dared to add two rivals to her and let her experience how to deal with rivals, he would not want to sleep tonight, she would kick him out and let him sleep in the study.

Even though he now wanted to be a vegetarian, he was content to be able to hug his wife and knew that if he slept in the study, he would not be able to sleep through the night. He was used to sleeping with his wife.

Jasmine hummed twice.

She finished the glass of milk and handed Josh the empty glass.

Josh took the empty cup, got up, and went into the bathroom to clean the cup.

Jasmine got up and walked around the room.

Josh washed the cup and came out, saw her wandering around the room, and asked her: “Do you feel full? I see that you didn’t eat much for dinner, and the amount of milk is the same as usual, so you shouldn’t be full.”

Jasmine: “No, but I still want to walk around. Husband, walk around the yard with me.”

Josh looked at the time and said: “You can walk for half an hour, and then you will have a rest. Get enough sleep and you will feel better. “

“I get enough to eat, sleep, and eat again. Stop talking nonsense, hurry up, go out with me.”

Josh said dotingly: “Okay, as long as you want, I’ll go with you. When you feel tired from walking, I’ll carry you back.”

Jasmine took his arm, walked out of the room with him, and said in a low voice while walking: “Husband, can I have ice cream later? I’ll just take a few bites to enjoy myself.”

It’s a hot day, Jasmine couldn’t eat ice cream, She was dying of hunger.

Josh remembered the words of the family doctor that pregnant women should try to eat as little ice cream as possible during pregnancy. He refused his beloved wife with great difficulty: “Honey, you can eat ice cream at this time next year, bear with it now, if I give it to you, if my mother finds out, she will pick my skin off.”


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