Married at First Sight Chapter 1978 by desirenovel

Novel Married at First Sight Chapter 1978 by desirenovel-“But I think it might be a conspiracy, just looking at the photo, I think the man is yours. Husband, let’s find out about this matter first. Before you find out, don’t make trouble for Analia, because she also didn’t say that the man was you.

Jasmine said that Josh would find out who the man is. I tell you this because I don’t want someone who wants to use it to destroy the relationship between our husband and wife. I happened to be not in Wiltspoon, so this photo leaked.

If I was an impulsive person, I would have misunderstood you the first time I saw a photo like this, and suspected that you were stealing food while I was not at home.”

Zachary responded in a low voice: “Seren, I won’t act impulsively. I have to find out before I talk about it. Mr. Dawson has recently gone on a business trip abroad and is not in the company.”

He was no longer following up on the cooperation between the two companies, but Mr. Dawson’s recent situation, he still knew.

Analia dared to come to the door only when Mr. Dawson was on a business trip, wanting to talk to Serenity.

Zachary: “I know, you told me when Analia approached me last time.”

Mr. Dawson was always a sensible individual; he did not approve of his daughter’s attraction to Zachary, primarily because Zachary was married. Mr. Dawson believed that if his daughter did not make any other major mistakes, inherited the Dawson Group, and was the proud girl of heaven, she would not need to compete with others for a man.

Based on their family’s conditions, what kind of man did the daughter want to marry?

Serenity: “are you still busy?”

“Well, on the way home, I received the photos from you which scared me into a cold sweat. Serenity, thank you for trusting me, you won’t suspect me of stealing food while you are not at home.”

Serenity smiled, and said, “If you steal it so easily, it doesn’t belong to me anymore.”

Before they got married, Zachary was single, and no one would say anything about what kind of woman he wanted.

Neither did he get close to young women.

He brought a group of bodyguards with him when he went in and out, mainly to prevent young women from throwing him down.

How could such a man be so eager to steal food after being separated from her for a few days?

Now Serenity didn’t know if the man in Analia’s photo was Zachary, whom she found as a substitute to be her boyfriend, or if she deliberately took a few photos and put them in Moments to mislead others and spread them to Serenity’s ears through other people’s mouths, so as to make him more happy, and Serenity misunderstood Zachary?

Serenity felt that if it was the latter, Analia would be too anxious.

What’s the matter, they had to wait until she and Zachary were separated for a year or so and didn’t see each other for a year or so. If they hadn’t seen each other for a long time, Serenity might think wildly when she saw such photos. In just a few days, Serenity would not believe it.

On the weekend, Zachary also went to FC & Co. to spend the weekend vacation with her.

Zachary: “I won’t steal it. I said that I will never have another woman in this life except you, Serenity. If I love another woman, that woman will only be our daughter.”

Serenity Smile, “Even if you have a daughter, you can’t let her surpass me.”

Zachary: “That’s natural, you are the first in my heart!”

If Zachary had a daughter, he might be like Ben…Became a slave to his daughter, but his favorite was still his Serenity.

Children, when they grew up, would leave their parents.

Children, when they grew up, would also start a family. With people they cared about, their focus would also be on their small family.

It’s not too much for parents.

And the wife was the one who would accompany him for the rest of his life.

Zachary would not let his children surpass his wife. In his heart, the most important thing is always Serenity.


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