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Married at First Sight Chapter 2594-Julian said, “Young Master York and the others are all people with status. Naturally, those people dare not operate on Young Master York. However, Young Master York is followed by several bodyguards when he goes out. No one is allowed to approach him at close range, and they do not want to assassinate him or kidnap him easily.

And most people don’t want to provoke Grandma York. She has great connections. When you interact with Serenity and others more often and become more familiar with each other, you will know that everyone in my circle is not simple.”

Most of the big families know each other and have contacts with each other.

Some were also allies.

“Kiera, if one day you are implicated by me, will you still associate with me? Will you break up with me?”

Kendrick turned around and said, “Julian, what do you think about my Kiera? For a long time, my sister has thought of you as a close friend. She treats other people with a lot of honesty. She treats you like a friend. She will do everything to help a friend who is in trouble. Why might she break up with you?

But the premise is that you can’t do anything illegal and drag us Kiera into trouble; otherwise, our family will not only cut off all contact with you but also beat you up.”

Kendrick then said to Kiera, “Julian is just teasing you, and you still believe it? His situation is really so dangerous. If he has any conscience, he will not associate with us. He is afraid of hurting us, so he dares to be so aboveboard. The fact that he came to our house to eat and live in our house shows that he is not in danger. Unless he is a heartless person, I don’t think he is a heartless person.”

After drinking wine next to Julian, Kendrick praised Julian.

Kendrick stopped, waited for Julian to come closer, put his arm around Julian’s shoulders, and said with a smile, “Julian, are you interested in my sister? I always feel that what you said to my sister was in advance. It’s like giving my sister a vaccination.”

Kendrick was a martial arts practitioner and a bit rough, but that didn’t mean he was a fool.

“Brother.” Kiera called Kendrick, “What nonsense are you talking about? Julian is my friend.”

“Julian, do you know the real reason why my sister has never been in love at the age of twenty-four? Before she was twenty, she was a fighting king. Boys did not dare approach her for fear of her boxing and kicking skills. After the age of 18, you see, she treats us men as buddies. There is a reason why my mother is worried that she won’t be able to get married.”

“Brother.” Kiera was about to throw a punch. “Obviously, the eldest brother and the second brother said that I can’t get married. You two will support me for the rest of my life so that I don’t have to worry about getting married. I’m not in a hurry. Anyway, I haven’t met a man who knows how to appreciate me yet.

If we can’t get along, I’d rather stay alone for the rest of my life than settle for nothing. Besides, I’m only twenty-four years old, which is very young. Eldest brother, you’re thirty-two years old, so I should be anxious. Which of your classmates doesn’t have one or two children already? You’re the only one who has the nerve to tell me.”

Julian smiled and said, “Kiera is very good. She has not yet had the fate, but when the fate has arrived, she will naturally become enlightened.”

What Julian had to do was make Kiera fall in love with him and not treat him as a buddy.

Kiera had no experience in love, so he habitually regarded the men around him as his buddies.


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