Married at First Sight Chapter 2595 by Thomasnovel

Married at First Sight Chapter 2595-“It’s not that I don’t understand love; it makes me sound like an idiot.”

Kiera complained about her brother.

Kendrick glanced at Julian and then at Kiera, who obviously didn’t understand love, but he didn’t make it clear.

He had made it clear just now that Julian was inoculating his sister, but his sister’s reaction, alas, really worried him, as there was no other reaction at all.

“Brother, when you compete with Julian later, you have to be merciful and don’t be harsh.”

Kiera reminded Kendrick and also changed the topic.

Kendrick said, “The competition is not about fighting for your life. Don’t worry, I will be merciful.”

Julian first thanked Kendrick.

The four of them quickly walked back to the Caron family Martial Arts Hall.

In the evening, there were coaches watching the students practice martial arts.

Seeing the four people coming in, everyone paused.

“Everyone, take a rest first and make a place for me to compete with Mr. Bucham. Let everyone see how the masters compete.”

Kendrick said this to everyone with a smile, and everyone immediately vacated the place.

The coach first looked at Julian and said to Kendrick, “Coach Caron, which martial arts school does this gentleman come from?”

Julian actually challenged the eldest son of their martial arts director as soon as he came. He must know that Kendrick’s skills in the martial arts gym could be said to be among the best. None of their coaches can be his opponents.

“Mr. Julian Bucham is not from any martial arts school. He is a friend of your junior sister, Kiera. He is from Wiltspoon. Because he knows some boxing and kicking, he wants to learn a few moves from me.”

Kendrick was full of confidence and believed that he would be able to defeat Julian as long as he took action.

Not only was Kendrick full of confidence, but everyone present was also full of confidence when they heard that Julian was going to compete with Kendrick, thinking that Julian could not defeat Kendrick in three moves.

Unless it’s Kendrick who gives three courtesy moves.

The coach smiled and said, “Then let us all enjoy the competition between Coach Caron and Mr. Bucham.”

Kendrick said to Julian, “Julian, let’s go and change clothes first. Wearing clothes like this, you can’t perform well, and it will be easily ruined.”

Julian smiled and went to change clothes with Kendrick.

After the two people walked away, Kenneth immediately said to everyone, “Come on, let’s bet on who loses and who wins. I’ll bet on my eldest brother first.”

I’m sorry, I accidentally used the name Kingston again. Kingston is already occupied and he is Analia’s cousin’s brother. The Name Kingston, who is Kiera and Kendrick’s brother, takes the place of the new name, Kenneth, so there is no more trouble.

As Kenneth spoke, he took out all the money he had and shook it out.

Everyone laughed and said, “Kendrick, everyone knows that they are betting on Caron. Who would bet on Mr. Bucham?”

Kiera said to Kenneth, “Second brother, you asked everyone to place bets again and let dad know about it. I will confiscate your pocket money for the past two months. Don’t blame me and my eldest brother for being poor. We won’t spend our wages on you.”

Kendrick smiled and said, “To add a little fun for everyone, Kiera, do you want to place a bet?”

Kiera: “Everyone has chosen the eldest brother, so I will choose Julian.”


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