Gu Lingfei: Married at First Sight Novel Chapter 909 | [Serenity & Zachary]

Gu Lingfei: Married at First Sight Novel Chapter 909

Josh said with a smile, “I better work on it so I can get the bigger gift from you soon.”

“I heard that no gossip slips past your family,” Mr. Sox chimed in.

Josh replied, “That’s true. Are you into gossip?”

Mr. Sox uttered with a straight face, “Gossip doesn’t appeal to someone of my age, but you can share a little with me when we have nothing to do. I’m fine with it.”

Squealing at her husband, Mrs. Sox remarked, “Jasmine takes after him.”

Jasmine’s love for the buzz and gossip came from her father.

Josh happened to be the same type. He and Jasmine seemed destined together.

God knew what embarrassing moments Jasmine’s parents would share with Josh. while she was not around. Hence, Jasmine finally decided on a dress after standing in front of her wardrobe all day.

Jasmine wore a dress, grabbing her phone on the way out.

“Get it together, Jas. Josh is downstairs.”

Drake called her sister’s attention to her bearing. She should walk like a lady.

Now that an eligible bachelor had the hots for his sister, Jasmine might scare Mr. Bucham away if she did not keep up with her appearance. Drake did not want to end up slaving off his remaining years to look after his spinster sister.

Despite being years younger than his sister, Drake was worried about his sister ever finding a man.

Looking back, Jasmine said, “We don’t have privacy with him around. Why bother putting up an act?”

Drake was speechless.

With Josh’s identity in mind, Drake had a mini heart attack. Would Josh dig into all his deepest and darkest secrets too?

While Josh may be in the intelligence business, he was only interested in learning more about Drake’s sister.

Josh would only go as far as to get a feel of Drake’s character and likings before pandering to Drake’s needs. It was a strategy to win Drake’s favor.

It would not take long for Josh to get the girl if he got his future brother- and parents- in–law on his side.

By the looks of things, his future father–in–law appeared fond of Josh.

Jasmine would probably be his by now if he had come clean sooner about his feelings.

Josh was going to have dinner at the Lowes‘ as Jasmine’s boyfriend.

This was to stop Mrs. Lowe from introducing so–called good men to Jasmine. These men had nothing on Josh!

“Can I have a word with you, Mr. Bucham?”

Before they made a move, Jasmine pulled Josh to a corner and stuffed a wad of cash in Josh’s hand. She whispered, “Mr. Bucham, this is the payment for pretending to be my boyfriend.”

Josh lowered his gaze at the money before picking his head up to meet her eyes. He smiled. “Don’t worry, Ms. Sox. This is what I’m paid for. I promise I’ll do a good job.”

Stuffing the cash in his pocket, Josh wrapped his arms around her waist and grinned cunningly. “Let’s go, darling. We don’t have to keep your parents waiting.”

Jasmine was at a loss for words.

“No point paying if you don’t get your money’s worth. I must make sure I’m more than up to your expectations. Come. Let’s practice our kiss. Kissing is a normal thing for couples.”

Josh lowered his head to kiss Jasmine, startling Jasmine into pushing him away. Putting her hands out, Jasmine said, “Give me back the money. I’m not renting a boyfriend anymore.”

Josh gave her back the money. Although there was a smile on his face, his words came off as domineering. “I’ll bang you if you offer me money again. That’s what you’re paying me for.”

Jasmine was lost for words.

The man was not one to be messed with.

With Josh joining along for dinner at the Lowes‘, Mrs. Lowe soon found out that Josh was courting her niece. She was happy and embarrassed at the same time.

The Buchams were higher up the social ladder than the Lowes. Her niece was luckier than her.

While Josh was making his intentions known to Jasmine’s family and friends, Zachary left Serenity alone under his nana’s orders.

Zachary put up with it for a week.

During the week, Zachary unleashed his pent–up emotions at work. Taking the brunt of it, the employees begged Josh to simmer Mr. York down. Otherwise, the employees would continue to suffer in Zachary’s hands as the overtime would never come to an end.

Zachary was efficient when he put his mind to work. Even Josh could not keep up with him.


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