Gu Lingfei: Married at First Sight Novel Chapter 912 | [Serenity & Zachary]

Gu Lingfei: Married at First Sight Novel Chapter 912

Pre–empting that Serenity would reject his gesture, Zachary put forth a threat before that could happen. “I’ll throw these papers out of the window if you don’t accept the envelope. You’re the head of the household. Why should I care if you don’t give a sh* t about our family asset? All that matters to me is you.”

Serenity was lost for words.

After going a week without seeing each other, Serenity thought he understood where she was coming from and was ready to change his tyrannical attitude when he asked to meet. Nevertheless, Serenity was left to sigh at his threat.

A leopard could not possibly change its spots.

He was born this way. She should not have counted on herself to be special and be able to change him.

Zachary would not change, and she did not want to change. The only option left was to work their problems out one by one.

Serenity locked eyes with Zachary for a long time before picking up the envelope. She pulled out a black card from the envelope and gave it to him. She said, “You’re a man and a CEO. You need a black card to reflect your status. Keep the bank card, and I’ll hold onto the rest for you for the time being.”

It was to save him from tossing the document out the window.

He would do it.

Serenity had no doubt about that.

Taking it as a win, Zachary took the black card and uttered, “I wired a sum into the bank account that’s for household use. Get anything you want. Don’t scrimp on yourself. Ask your sister whether she wants to buy a place. You can look at houses.

“Rentals don’t give a feeling of home.

“We can lend your sister some money if she doesn’t have enough. You can decide on the matter. Liberty and Sonny should have a place to call home.”

After a week–long cooling off, Zachary settled upon transferring all his assets to Serenity to give her assurance. Not to mention, he wanted to lend his sister–in–law a hand. This was crucial because the people who mattered the most to Serenity were her sister and nephew.

“My sister poured her money into the restaurant. A house is not in her plans for now.”

Serenity had talked to her sister about it. Serenity would lend the money to Liberty if she wanted to get a place of her own.

Without using Zachary’s money, Serenity had enough savings to provide her sister the financial help.

At least, the deposit for the house could be raised.

Nevertheless, her sister said no. Liberty wanted to see if she could keep her breakfast place running. If business was good, Liberty would have money to afford a house in a few years. Liberty did not want to put herself in the position of pouring. money into the business and mortgage in case her business could not make it.

There was also the question about Sonny’s education. Sonny would be starting kindergarten in September. Wiltspoon’s early childhood education was more. expensive than in small towns.

Serenity paid a month of the rental now that she was living with her sister. Her gesture earned her a nagging. Liberty wanted to return the money, but Serenity had to throw a fit for her sister to stop.

Liberty said that she was Sonny’s pillar. She needed to be strong on her own without depending on anyone else.

While Liberty was happy that Serenity had her back, Liberty could not possibly rely on her sister’s handouts forever.

Liberty only accepted money from her sister for household expenses because she did not have an income before she and Hank separated. Now that she found her life purpose, Liberty must walk her own path no matter the challenges ahead.

Serenity tenderly remarked, “I have not considered getting a property yet.” The figures in her bank account had yet to reach her target at the moment. She had more pressing matters to attend to than buying a house.


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