Married at First Sight Chapter 1681 by desirenovel

Married at First Sight Chapter 1681 by desirenovel-After Liberty left the hospital, she returned to her breakfast shop.

“Boss, you’re back.” Seeing Liberty’s return, the two shop assistants greeted her, then looked at her hesitantly.

Liberty was absent-minded and didn’t notice this.

The business in the store was also busy, so the two shop assistants would work first, and then talked to the boss after thinking about it.

But looking at the boss’s absent-minded look, the two shop assistants guessed about the hot search.

The boss’s younger sister was also the eldest wife of the richest man’s family, so the source of news was much faster than them.

Liberty sat down in front of the cash register, what Duncan said was still echoing in her mind.

He had a car accident, and she was also worried about him, but he blamed her on her head. Did she tell him to come to her? It’s not her name.


A familiar voice was heard.

Liberty looked up and saw her younger sister sitting down in front of her. She was so absent-minded that she didn’t even notice that her younger sister was coming.

Liberty: “Serenity, don’t you need to go back to the store?”

Serenity: “Jasmine is there. I will go to our company with Elisa later. Jasmine is pregnant and it is not suitable for her to run back and forth, so she stays in the bookstore to look after the store.”

Josh didn’t want Jasmine to go to work, but Jasmine said that if he didn’t even let her go back to the bookstore, she would follow Serenity back and forth to the vegetable market.

Josh had no choice but to agree that she would go back to the bookstore to look around every day.

It’s not tiring to guard the bookstore. When she needed to move the goods, there were bodyguards.

“Elisa hasn’t come yet?” Liberty looked behind her sister, but she didn’t see her cousin, so she asked.

“I called her just now, and she hasn’t woken up yet, so I told her to wait for her at my sister’s place.”

Serenity looked at the dark circles under her sister’s eyes, and asked with concern: “Sister, didn’t you sleep well last night? This morning you went out so early.”

When Serenity and Zachary got up, Liberty was not at home. Serenity asked butler, and the butler said that Liberty had left the house early.

Serenity guessed that Liberty went to the hospital to visit Duncan.

Although Liberty didn’t love Duncan, she had known him for nearly a year, and Duncan had helped a lot and Liberty regarded Duncan as a friend.

“It’s a bit of insomnia. I couldn’t sleep, so I got up. I went to the hospital to visit Mr. Lewis, Mr. Lewis… He thought it was because of me that he had a car accident, let me go, and told Mrs. Lewis that I will never appear in front of him again in the future.” Liberty said in a low voice, “Is this my fault? Being liked is also a mistake?”

“Sister!” Serenity reached out and held Liberty’s hand, and said softly: “Sister, don’t think about it, Mr. Lewis always knew the truth about his injury, and it was hard to accept it for a while, so he did this. Not only did he not want to see you, but he also didn’t want to see me.”

“Zachary and I also went to see him. He didn’t see me, and didn’t let Zachary enter the ward, he notified his bodyguards to come over, and stood guard at the door of the ward, and people he didn’t want to see couldn’t enter his ward at all.”

Liberty was a little surprised, she said, “Mr. Lewis and Zachary are gone?”

Serenity nodded and said, “He may think that we will sympathize with him. He doesn’t want our sympathy. We don’t sympathize with him, but we care about him.

When he knew the injury, he was worried that he would be disabled and would be in a wheelchair for the rest of his life. He would not be able to accept it. He thought that all of us sympathized with him.”

Liberty sighed, “What Mr. Lewis said to me, I think he is the same.”

Those hurtful words that Duncan said were not his sincere words.

Liberty was very hurt when she heard it at the time, but after calming down and thinking about it now, she decided that it was not Duncan’s truth.


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