Married at First Sight Chapter 1685 by desirenovel

Married at First Sight Chapter 1685 by desirenovel-Chelsea pointed at Jessica and scolded: “You would have passed away a long time ago if it weren’t for the fact that you are carrying the Brown family’s seed in your womb. Just a big slap in the face, I don’t think Liberty can’t cleavage, it’s you Jessica who can.

Mr. Lewis himself had a car accident, what’s the matter with Liberty? Liberty didn’t accept him, and he was going to find Liberty himself. It was obviously his mother who chased him. The car accident just happened, those media are talking nonsense, they deliberately involved Liberty in order to win attention, unscrupulous media.” Chelsea scolded Jessica without breath.

Jessica didn’t have a chance to speak even if she wanted to refute.

Chelsea’s voice was high, and the voice of scolding Jessica could be heard by the residents downstairs.

However, people in this community had long regarded the Brown family as a laughing stock, and they liked to gossip about the Brown family after dinner.

After all, Liberty brought people to smash up the decoration of the house, causing a sensation in the whole community.

Knowing that after Hank and Liberty divorced, mistress became regular, and also knew that mistress couldn’t get along with her husband’s family, and even broke the law, if she wasn’t pregnant, she would still be in jail.

After meals, Jessica frequently went for a walk in the community, and people often gave her strange looks. Nobody in the community wanted to deal with Jessica. When they saw Jessica, those who had children quickly grabbed their children and walked away. They would explain to their children that Jessica was like a human trafficker and to avoid her at all costs.

“Ever since you intervened in Hank and Liberty’s marriage, Hank has had a rough time. It’s all your fault. You’re a b!tch, and you’re ashamed to say Liberty. What right do you have to say Liberty? You hurt Liberty.” Liberty and Sonny are not miserable enough?

Have you apologized to Liberty and Sonny until now? But, don’t be too complacent, when the girl in your stomach comes out, you have to go in and continue to squat, wait If you re-enter, I will introduce a woman to Hank, let him divorce you, and let your daughter live under the hands of the stepmother!”

Chelsea hated Jessica very much.

Her little treasure was almost lost because of Jessica.

If Serenity hadn’t asked the bodyguards to rescue her little treasure, Chelsea would not have dared to think about the consequences.

Therefore, since knowing that Jessica helped others to plan and design this matter, Chelsea vowed never to make Jessica feel better.

Jessica’s face was ashen when she was scolded by Chelsea, “Whoever said that I am carrying a son instead of a girl in my stomach has never met me. What I have is a son, and that is what I wanted to have!”

What Jessica longed for most was to have a son.

That way Sonny could be compared.

She also knew that after giving birth, she would have to go in and squat, and the child would be taken care of by her husband’s family.

The child she had brought up would be especially fond of them. As long as hers was a son, she believed that the emotional balance of the in-laws would be biased towards her son.

Her husband’s family never took care of Sonny, and they didn’t have much affection for Sonny. It’s just that Sonny was the only grandson of the Brown family, so the Brown family would pay attention to Sonny.

Chelsea said: “You are so vicious and want to have a son? You only have the role of a girl.”

Jessica: “You think it’s great to have two kids? You can raise your two kids and let’s talk about it. Raise them. It doesn’t necessarily belong to you, there will be accidents and illnesses, and you will lose your son in your later years.”

Before Jessica finished cursing, she was slapped by Chelsea.

Chelsea slapped her hard, and Jessica got angry at cursing. She was unprepared, and received a solid slap, she only felt the burning pain on the face where she was slapped.

“Chelsea.” Mrs. Brown pretended to pull Chelsea, and said to her, “Jessica has been volatile since she was pregnant. What are you doing with her?”

“Mom, she cursed my two kids for an accident. What about two kids, aren’t you angry?” Chelsea said angrily, “What evil did our Brown family do to marry such a poisonous woman into the house.”

Jessica: “You are a poisonous woman, a top-quality poisonous woman! You curse that I can’t have a son, I won’t curse you and anyone.”

Jessica scolded Chelsea, and when Chelsea was about to jump over to beat her again, she deliberately hugged her stomach and yelled: “Mom, my stomach hurts, my stomach hurts, I was mad at her.”


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