Married at First Sight Chapter 1686 by desirenovel

Married at First Sight Chapter 1686 by desirenovel-Mrs. Brown was also very angry, what Jessica cursed her two grandchildren just now was too poisonous.

But seeing Jessica holding her stomach and screaming for pain, she hurried over to support Jessica, and said nervously, “Sit down quickly, or go back to the room and lie down.”

“Mom, she’s just making it look like she’s hurt.” Chelsea didn’t believe that Jessica’s stomach hurt at all.

“Chelsea.” Mrs. Brown said to her daughter, and helped Jessica back to the room, and lay down on the bed. She saw that her daughter-in-law’s face was swollen from the daughter’s beating, and she was worried that Hank would see her when he came back, so she said to Jessica: “Jessica, I’ll come in and get some ice to help you apply it to your face.”

Jessica touched her face, but didn’t speak.

Mrs. Brown went out to help her get ice cubes.

Jessica was lying on the bed, thinking of her current life, she was so wronged that tears flowed down her face.

But this was the path she chose.

Who told her to intervene in Hank and Liberty’s marriage?

Now, she couldn’t go back to her mother’s house, and she was wronged every day when she stayed at her husband’s house. She had a top-notch eldest sister and partial parents-in-law. She was about to collapse.

If it wasn’t for having a child in her belly, Jessica wouldn’t be able to survive.

This child saved her from going to jail for the time being. Jessica was still very protective of the child, for fear of being harmed by Chelsea.

Suddenly, Jessica sat up from the bed.

She wanted to go to the bathroom.

Mrs. Brown came in with ice cubes at this time.

“Jessica, where are you going?” Mrs. Brown asked.

“Go to the bathroom.” Jessica entered the bathroom with her mobile phone.

Mrs. Brown sat down on the bed and waited for her.

Jessica sent a message to Hank in the bathroom and complained to Hank. Hank had just received an order to take a passenger to the airport, and after clarifying with his wife, he stopped replying to Jessica.

Not getting a reply from her husband, Jessica scolded: “Useless stuff, how could I like a man like you in the first place!”

She changed to watching videos.

The video became addictive as soon as she scrolled, she squatted in the bathroom for half an hour.

After squatting for a long time, her legs were numb. When she came out, she accidentally kicked the threshold of the bathroom, and she jumped forward.

Seeing this scene, Mrs. Brown instinctively got up and rushed over to help Jessica, but unfortunately she was two steps too late.

Jessica fell to the ground.

“Jessica.” Mrs. Brown was frightened and quickly helped her up.

After Jessica was lifted up, Mrs. Brown hurriedly asked her, “Does your stomach hurt?”

Jessica shook her head, feeling no stomach pain for the time being.


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