Married at First Sight Chapter 1688 by desirenovel

Married at First Sight Chapter 1688 by desirenovel-Of course, Chelsea refused to admit that this matter had anything to do with her.

It was Jessica who was poisonous, cursed Hank, and even cursed her two kids, and suffered retribution.

Jessica’s belly was a boy, and after the flow out, it was known that it was a boy, and Mrs. Brown and Jessica cried to death.

Chelsea also felt uncomfortable for a while, and soon she didn’t care.

Who told Jessica to have such a poisonous mouth, cursing that her two kids would not grow up, even if they were raised, there would be accidents or something, no, the accident happened, it happened to Jessica.

Chelsea firmly believed that this was retribution!

“Liberty, you don’t even know how poisonous that Jessica is. She saw the news and knew that Mr. Lewis had a car accident. The unscrupulous media speculated wildly and included you in it. Jessica said you were dev!l, because Mr. Lewis likes you, so you got Mr. Lewis into a car accident.

You also mocked us for wanting Hank to remarry you, saying that if you remarried, Hank would be in a car accident because of you, saying that Hank is now opening car-hailing service online who book a car are the most likely to have a car accident. Tell me, is this woman poisonous?”

Chelsea also repeated to Liberty the original words of Jessica cursing her two kids.

Afterwards, she said: “I didn’t keep the child. I can’t say I was gloating, but I really think this is the retribution of Jessica. She is too poisonous. I couldn’t see it before. She is so poisonous. She is simply a poisonous woman.

In that community, no one is willing to associate with Jessica. When children see her, they will stay far away, for fear of being harmed by her.”

Liberty, don’t worry about the news. If you belonged to dev!l, Hank would still be fine? Hank only had a successful career when he was with you, but when he was with Jessica, he would not be fine. It’s obviously dev!l is Jessica, she’s hard-fated, and she’s not going to give birth to a good boy.”

Regarding Jessica’s miscarriage, Liberty didn’t take pleasure in other’s misfortune, she said flatly: “The media can write whatever they want, I didn’t take it to heart.”

As for the matter of her dev!l, the comparison between Hank before and after the divorce could be seen by anyone with a discerning eye.

“Oh!” Chelsea sighed heavily.

Looking at Liberty making dumplings, Liberty, who had successfully lost weight, paid great attention to skin care. She looked as young and beautiful as when she first met Liberty.

Chelsea regretfully said: “Liberty, it’s all our fault. Hank and your family have been tossed away by us.”

Liberty said indifferently: “Isn’t it also your credit that his life is so miserable.”

Chelsea choked.

Her nature was hard to change.

She couldn’t change her tossing temper.

After a while, Chelsea changed the subject and asked Liberty: “How is Mr. Lewis’s injury? I heard that he has become disabled and will be in a wheelchair for the rest of his life.”

In this case, Duncan would not pursue Liberty again?

Jessica had a miscarriage, and when she conceived, she would definitely go back to the prison.

At that time, they would let Hank and Jessica divorce again, and then pursue Liberty again.

Leaving aside the fact that Liberty was backed by two men, just because Liberty now ran a breakfast restaurant and the business was still good, it had a bright future.

After the young couple remarried, they ran the breakfast restaurant together, so Hank didn’t need to go out every day to drive online car-hailing.

After going through too much, after comparing before and after, as long as Liberty and Hank remarry, their family would cherish the blessings and won’t make any troubles.

Liberty stopped making dumplings, looked at Chelsea, and asked, “Who said Mr. Lewis is disabled? Who said he will be in a wheelchair in his next life? Mr. Lewis will get better, don’t believe other people’s nonsense.”

At theend, she added: “Don’t even think about remarrying me and your brother, it will be impossible for me and him in this life.”

Liberty didn’t turn back!


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