Married at First Sight Chapter 1689 by desirenovel

Married at First Sight Chapter 1689 by desirenovel-Chelsea smiled sheepishly, looked at Sonny twice, and said: “Sonny must have a father.”

Liberty: “Doesn’t Sonny have a father now? No matter how my relationship with Hank is, he is Sonny’s father. This is a fact that will never be erased.”

Chelsea: “No, no, I said the wrong thing, I think Sonny can only be happy if he grows up in a healthy family. I think Sonny is very happy now, and he is always happy at any time. Before, his father was busy going to work every day, busy with other Women play, and he hadn’t been with him much, and now he comes to see him occasionally, what’s the difference from before?”

Liberty: “Sonny has already adapted to the days without his father’s company. With me and Serenity accompanying him, he Carefree, happy and healthy growth.”

Chelsea was speechless. She also knew that it was useless to talk about Sonny.

Their family had never given up, and they had said countless times in front of Liberty, but there was always a result.

For Hank, he regretted it, but he knew Liberty well, and knew that even if he turned around and pursued Liberty again, there would be no advantage.

Liberty said to Chelsea: “If you are really good for Hank, stop meddling in the affairs of your natal family in the future, stop speaking ill of your sister-in-law in front of your parents, and stop picking apart people, then his little life will gradually get better, otherwise you will change a hundred sister-in-law are all the same result.

I don’t know what you think, you have just a younger brother, and your parents are getting old. When your parents are a hundred years old, who will entertain them when you return to your in-laws’s house? It’s your brother, is it? Your sister-in-law, you are making such a fuss now, are you planning to stop returning to your natal family after a hundred years from your parents?

When you have a sister-in-law, it’s best not to interfere in the marriage of your natal brother, don’t talk so much, and don’t unite with your parents to target your sister-in-law, and make your brother divorce once. Are you happy? How many more times do you want your brother to get divorced?

You have a son and a daughter yourself, your daughter is in her teens, and after ten or eight years she will get married. At that time, your daughter would often go back to her mother’s house to make troubles and alienate her younger brother and sister-in-law, what do you think?”

Chelsea: “Liberty, are you trying to speak up for Jessica? She is so vicious. So bad, I almost took my little treasure away, I hated her so much, I swore I didn’t want her to have a better life.”

“I’m not saying good things for Jessica, I’m pointing out the real problem. Back then, Hank and I get to the point of divorce, isn’t it due to your contribution? What happened to Jessica is the result of the choice she made in the first place. What you sow results in what you plant, and you can’t blame others.”

Chelsea blushed and was speechless. After a long while, she said: “Liberty, I went to buy something and then went back to the hospital. I told my mother to buy something and left the hospital. There is no one to take care of that poisonous woman now. Besides me and my mother, who cares about her?”

After Chelsea finished speaking, she hurried away without waiting for Liberty to speak again.

After watching her aunt leave, Sonny walked over to Liberty and asked, “Mom, what is Auntie doing here?”

Liberty: “Auntie didn’t do anything, Auntie just came to see you.”

Sonny snorted without doubting her mother’s words.

Because his aunt treated him a lot better, at least she won’t bring brother Lucas over to snatch his things.

Jessica had a miscarriage, and it was estimated that she would be punished by the law again soon. For this, Liberty really did not sympathize with Jessica at all.

She persuaded Chelsea like that just now, and she didn’t know if Chelsea would listen to it. Based on her understanding of Chelsea, she probably wouldn’t listen to divorce from Jessica.

Jessica chose Hank as a married man at the beginning, and she had come to today step by step. She had her natal family and couldn’t go back. Her parents, brothers and sisters-in-law all blamed her.

It’s hard for her in-law’s family to stay any longer, she just played a good hand of cards badly.

In fact, Jessica was still capable at work, and she was young and beautiful. If she hadn’t taken the wrong step of not getting involved in other people’s marriages, not being a mistress, but choosing to stay away from Hank and marry a single man, her life would definitely be different.

It could only be said that Jessica wanted to settle down and take root in the city because of Hank’s status at the beginning. She had no relationship with Hank at first, but when Hank and Liberty had a serious quarrel, she had a relationship with Hank.


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