Married at First Sight Chapter 1690 by desirenovel

Married at First Sight Chapter 1690 by desirenovel-It clearly made Hank completely biased towards her.

Now that she had come to this point, it was her own fault, and she was not worthy of sympathy.

“Mom, why didn’t Uncle Duncan come today?” Sonny asked his mother.

Remembering that he went to see Uncle Duncan in the hospital with his mother yesterday, he asked again: “Mom, is Uncle Duncan still recovering?”

Uncle Duncan said that he would recover soon.

Sonny thought that Uncle Duncan would recover today.

Liberty said softly: “Uncle Duncan will be healed after a while, Sonny, are you missed Uncle Duncan?”

Sonny nodded.

He was used to seeing Duncan every day, but suddenly he couldn’t see him one day, and he felt very uncomfortable.

“Mom, can you take me to the hospital to visit Uncle Duncan?”

Liberty thought that Duncan didn’t want to see her, but she didn’t say she didn’t want to see Sonny. She was also concerned about Duncan’s injury, even though she was kicked out of Duncan’s ward early in the morning, A day had not yet passed, and she felt that it had passed for a long time.

She hoped Duncan could recover soon.

Liberty: “Okay, mom will take you to the hospital to visit Uncle Duncan.”

Sonny was very happy.

Liberty put the unfinished dumplings back into the freezer, cleaned up briefly, and left the breakfast shop with Sonny.

Sonny said to her, “Mom, I want to buy a bouquet of flowers for Uncle Duncan.”

Sonny remembered that when his mother was in the hospital, everyone would send a bouquet of flowers to his mother when he came to visit.

He thought that as long as he went to the hospital to visit others, he would buy a bouquet of flowers.

“Okay.” Liberty agreed to his son.

She drove her son straight to Spring Blossoms, and bought a bunch of flowers from Camryn.

“Sister Liberty.”

When Liberty was about to leave, Camryn quickly stopped Liberty, and she said, “Sister Liberty, I just asked someone to buy some supplements, and I wanted someone to send them to Mr. Lewis In general, if you go to the hospital now, can you help me bring these supplements to Mr. Lewis?

I thought about going there by myself, but I can’t see and it’s inconvenient to go out, so I have to ask you.”

Camryn and Duncan had no friendship, but the Lewis family and the York family had a very deep friendship, and Callum called Duncan to be his brother, and now she represented the Newman family, and she wanted to establish diplomatic relations with the big families in Wiltspoon, not only for Callum’s sake, but also because of her desire to make friends, so Camryn bought these supplements.

“Why don’t you go to the hospital with us?” Liberty suggested.


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