Married at First Sight Chapter 1691 by desirenovel

Married at First Sight Chapter 1691 by desirenovel-Camryn: “I can only go out when someone is looking at the store.”

Since she wanted to communicate with the Lewis family, it was more sincere to go by herself.

She called the clerk on her old phone, and the clerk answered quickly.

“Boss, I’m back at the door.”

The clerk smiled, then she hung up the phone, parked the electric car, and entered the store.

Seeing Liberty and Sonny, they greeted each other with a smile and hugged Sonny.

Sonny believed that he was extremely adorable, just like a flower in bloom.

Camryn asked the clerk for a few words, took some supplements, and then she and Liberty and Sonny visited Duncan at the hospital.

When they arrived at the hospital, Duncan still refused to see Liberty.

Hearing Duncan’s words that he didn’t want to see Liberty, Camryn was stunned.

Not only did he not see Liberty, but even his favorite and beloved Sonny, so the bodyguards of the Lewis family had to obey Duncan’s words and prevent Liberty and Sonny from entering the ward.

Sonny was puzzled, and shouted at Uncle Duncan at the door, but after he called several times, Uncle Duncan wouldn’t let him in.

Only Camryn entered the ward under Mrs. Lewis’s leadership.

Camryn had no friendship with Duncan, and she couldn’t see him. She said some caring words in the ward, left supplements, and came out.

Mrs. Lewis looked at her son on the hospital bed, and persuaded her distressedly: “Duncan, don’t you want to see Liberty and Sonny? Didn’t you say you like Sonny the most? Sonny is a child who doesn’t understand anything. If you look like this, Sonny might think you don’t like him anymore.”

Duncan closed his eyes and didn’t speak.

Although his Grandma scolded him, Duncan was still very conflicted.

He didn’t know what to do next.

Seeing that her son didn’t want to talk, Mrs. Lewis’s eyes turned red again.

It was her fault.

It’s all her fault!

She quietly asked the doctor, how much hope was there for Duncan’s leg injury to recover as a normal person? how much time was required?

According to the doctor, there was still hope, but it mostly depended on the patient’s willingness to cooperate with the therapy and his ability to persevere through rehabilitation. This was a mental test, and it was unclear how long it would take.

After listening to the doctor’s words, Mrs. Lewis’s heart sank to the bottom of the valley.

From the moment her son knew about his injury, she saw self-abandonment from him.

When other people came to visit, except for talking to his Grandma, Duncan basically didn’t talk much. Anyone who saw Duncan could tell that he was depressed and lost confidence in the future.

However,he was unwilling to see Liberty, and Mrs. Lewis was still thinking that her son liked Liberty so much. After her son was discharged from the hospital, she would ask Liberty to accompany him in his rehabilitation, so that his son could persevere and recover faster.


Mrs. Lewis thought regretfully, if time could go back, she would definitely not stop her son from pursuing Liberty.



FC Manor.

Tim helped Lilian Carden out of the house, but she felt that Tim helped her to walk, and she was uncomfortable walking.

Throwing away Tim’s hand, she said, “I can still stand on a plane for several hours without your support. You help me walk like this, making me feel like I am a sick person.”

Tim said: “You have a big belly and you are going down the steps again. I will help you down the steps safely. I am so considerate, but you still dislike my consideration.”

Lilian: “Okay, okay, you are considerate, I don’t despise you.”


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