Married at First Sight Chapter 1694 by desirenovel

Married at First Sight Chapter 1694 by desirenovel-But now Lilian had a big belly, and when she went out for a prenatal checkup, Tim had to bring a few bodyguards to follow her to take care of her.

Callum hurriedly said: “Fourth Young Master Johnson, I know that even if Dr. Carden agrees to treat my fiancee’s eyes, I would not dare to let Dr. Carden go out.”

Callum looked at Lilian and begged, “Dr. Carden can you help me?  I can pay for it no matter how much it costs, and I can agree to any terms.”

Dr. Carden was very good, and the miracle doctor was even more superb. After all, he was a master, and the name of the miracle doctor had been passed down. After decades, being able to be conferred by the gods proved to be a really powerful person.

If Callum could invite miracle doctor to come and help Camryn’s eyes to be cured, then the chances of being cured were very high.

The miracle doctor and Lilian, master and apprentice, were Camryn’s last hope.

Callum promised to Camryn that he would seek a miracle doctor to cure her eyes so that she could see again.

Even if Camryn couldn’t restore the light, she won’t despise him.

It’s just that Callum didn’t dislike her, but Camryn had a sense of inferiority. No matter how good Callum was to her, no matter how much he promised, it’s useless. Camryn always had a sense of inferiority, felt that she was not worthy of him, and was unwilling to accept his feelings.

Seeing that half of the one-year deadline given by grandma had passed, Callum was really in a hurry.

He couldn’t force Camryn into the Civil Affairs Bureau to obtain a certificate when the time limit expired, right?

That was called forced marriage and no one in the York family had ever tried to marry by force.

He couldn’t break precedent.

When it came to matters involving genius doctors, Tim was not easy to answer. He was the son-in-law of an apprentice who had become a genius doctor, but he couldn’t and did not dare to treat the genius doctor.

Lilian said apologetically: “Mr. Callum, my master is old and has been out of clinic for a long time, and the has not been here for the past two days, so I’m sorry.”

Her master was now very particular about fate in treating patients.

The old genius doctor believed that anyone who was in a relationship with someone else could provide care for no charge. He brought a lot of money to find him if he didn’t want to be treated, but the old genius doctor didn’t even glance at it.

The most important thing the master and apprentice need was money.

“Mr. Callum, I promise you, after I give birth, I will help your fiancée’s eyes as soon as possible. I have heard your fiancée is blind due to poisoning, and she can barely see people. I’m sure she can walk around; the chance of recovering her eyesight is 100%.

Don’t worry, just wait for two or three months, and I can treat your fiancée’s eyes. Even if I haven’t seen your fiancée yet, I dare Speaking of poison-related matters, I know better than many people, and I’m 99% sure that I can cure your fiancée’s eyes.”

Callum went to FC Manor three or four times a day, but he did not see the old genius doctor, Knowing that Lilian would not lie to him.

If he couldn’t ask for a doctor’s visit, then he could only ask Lilian to go to Wiltspoon to treat Camryn’s eyes after Lilian gave birth and confinement.

“Thank you, Dr. Carden.” Callum thanked gratefully.

He heard that it would cost a lot of money to invite Lilian.

“Dr. Carden, What conditions do you have? Just ask, I will meet your conditions right now, and then wait for two or three months.”

Lilian smiled and said: “My husband’s company has business dealings with York Corporation. Your elder brother and sister-in-law are friends with my brother and sister-in-law, and my fifth brother has even closer contacts with you. I can’t close the war because of these things. It’s the second young master’s money.”

She promised: “I will treat the eyes of your fiancée for free, without any conditions.”

Callum was extremely grateful.


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