Married at First Sight Chapter 2604 by Thomasnovel

Married at First Sight Chapter 2604-Julian smiled. “That’s right, marriage can’t be settled. I just saw that Auntie is always worried about your brothers and your life events, so I wanted to help.”

Julian was sure that Kiera needed to boil a frog in warm water to make her fall in love with him.

He has to integrate into her life bit by bit in small things, let her get used to his existence, and if she can’t stand his absence, then she will understand that it is love.

He locked her up anyway, so take her time.

There’s no point in being anxious.

Julian: “Kiera, actually, I am sick.”

Kiera was stunned for a moment, then asked with concern, “What’s wrong with you? You can’t tell. You look healthier than anyone else.”

Julian: “I’m apathetic.”

Kiera: “Apathy? I’ve never heard of this disease.”

Julian explained it to her.

Kiera: “So, you can’t get married. No wonder you are so good and you don’t have a girlfriend.”

Knowing Julian’s special situation, Kiera even regarded Julian as a buddy and got along with Julian unscrupulously.

She didn’t realize that she had jumped into Julian’s sizable hole. When she found out later that she was being counted, it was too late to look back.

Wiltspoon ushered in continuous rainy weather with strong winds.

People who were wearing shorts two days ago all changed into autumn clothes and wore a thin coat.

Even though it was still summer and Wiltspoon had not yet entered winter, if the temperature dropped suddenly from 30 degrees to 20 degrees, people would notice a significant change in the weather because they were accustomed to the heat.

Camryn slept until midnight and felt cold, so she instinctively crawled into the arms of the man next to her.

Callum, who was in a daze, noticed something creeping into his arms and instinctively pushed away. After touching Camryn, he immediately woke up, opened his eyes, and looked at his beloved wife, who had slipped into his arms, and he chuckled. He had forgotten that he and Camryn had received their marriage certificate and became a legal couple.

He had wanted to eat meat for a long time, but he shamelessly stayed in his wife’s room last night. The young couple naturally became a couple.

He hugged Camryn and pulled up the quilt to cover her.

He lost his sleepiness.

He quietly looked at Camryn in his arms. The more he looked at her, the more he liked her. He couldn’t help but lower his head and kiss her on the lips.

Camryn responded to him instinctively.

As if he had been given a shot of blood, he turned over, pressed his beloved wife under him, and while she was in a daze, he pestered her and burned her for a while.

Camryn was completely awake. She couldn’t help but kick him and scold him: “Callum, are you done yet?”

The torment last night was not enough, and he even started burning again while she was sleeping. She was afraid that she would have to sleep until midnight before she could get up.

She also had to accompany Trenton to visit him in prison.

Trenton had taken leave and returned to Wiltspoon, planning to visit the prison and tell his parents about inheriting the family property.

Both siblings wanted to protect everything in the Newman family and prevent Carrie from losing.


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