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Married at First Sight Chapter 2608-“I thought I wanted to come, and this is our home, Trenton. This is our home. That blind woman took advantage of our property before I came out and my parents went in. After I came out, she took advantage of the York family, drove me out, and refused to let me go home.

Almost all the workers in the family have been replaced by her. Those who have not been replaced are all people who are not her.”

Carrie complained to Trenton, “Do you think I want to come here so early in the morning to scream? That blind woman didn’t answer my calls or reply to my messages. I was so angry last night that it finally dawned. I will definitely come and want to settle accounts with her. Isn’t she up yet?”

After Trenton opened the door, Carrie walked in, but she didn’t dare to rush in. After walking a few steps, she stopped and asked Trenton in a low voice.

Trenton replied, “The eldest sister hasn’t gotten up yet, but my brother-in-law has gotten up and is making breakfast inside. Second sister, don’t say ‘that blind woman’ when you talk about her. She’s our eldest sister.

Carrie: “You think of her as your eldest sister, but she wants to take over our family’s property.”

When Carrie heard Callum making breakfast inside, she didn’t dare go inside.

Even though she came with great momentum, she became timid as soon as she heard Callum’s name, forgetting that she wanted to seduce Callum and take Callum away from Camryn.

“Trenton, let’s sit in the pavilion, but I won’t enter the house. The blind woman is lucky. I don’t know how to get Callum to dote on her. Callum is very good to her, but he is ruthless to us.

I’m a little afraid of them. Trenton, we are siblings of the same father and mother. At this time, we siblings must work together to protect the property left to us by our parents. We must not let Camryn take over.”

Carrie took Trenton to a small pavilion not far away and sat down.

“Trenton, I’m here in a hurry and haven’t had breakfast yet. You go in and get some snacks and fruits for me to cushion my stomach. Also, do you have money? Get some money for me. If you have cash, give me as much as you have. I’m renting outside now; everything costs money.”

“I have no job and no source of income. The blind woman who k!lled me a thousand times froze my bank card, so I couldn’t spend money. I almost didn’t even have money to refuel the car.”

Carrie confided her misery to Trenton and kept scolding Camryn for her cruelty.

“Second sister.” Trenton said solemnly, “The eldest sister also has a share in this home. This villa was left to the eldest sister by the second uncle. Whose name is on the real estate certificate? The eldest sister said that you also saw it. The day you came here, the eldest sister also called me and told me.

Didn’t you take tens of thousands of dollars from Mom’s safe? Didn’t you spend it all so quickly?”

Carrie: “It’s only tens of thousands of dollars, which is not enough to spend. I didn’t know that my bank card was frozen. I thought that if I got my bank card and mobile phone back, I could have endless money like before, swipe my bank card at will, and then my tens of thousands of dollars in cash have almost been spent.

Just to treat my two aunts and cousins to supper, it cost me thousands of dollars. I also bought things for them. I also rented a house and bought furniture. It cost me tens of thousands of dollars, not hundreds of dollars.

Even if this villa was left to her by her second uncle, the Newman family’s property was all worked hard for by our parents. As long as I can remember, our parents left early and came home late. They were busy working, and the Newman family only today.

That blind woman wants to sit back and enjoy the success, but there’s no way! By the way, she can see. Dr. Carden is so amazing that she can actually cure her eyes. My little aunt has taken her everywhere to seek medical advice for ten years, but she can’t cure it.”

Carrie’s teeth itched with hatred. “How did her luck become so good? Could it be that she secretly raised a kid and sucked away our family’s luck? Then, if we were unlucky, she would be lucky?

That’s definitely the case. She must be raising a kid to help her luck.”

Trenton had a dark look on his face. “Second sister, you’ve watched too many movies, and the eldest sister doesn’t have a kid.

Okay, stop talking. I’ll go in and get some money for you. Don’t come to quarrel with the eldest sister. Now you blame the eldest sister for treating you badly. Why don’t you think about all the things you did during the ten years when the eldest sister was blind? How many things have hurt my eldest sister?”


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