Married At First Sight Chapter 3268

Married At First Sight Chapter 3268-This is the advantage of having many brothers and being harmonious.

Evan: “I’ll wait for you.”

“Okay.” Elian hung up the phone and said to River, “Brother Evan invited us to have a midnight snack. Let’s go to his house. He will cook it himself. Maybe he is in a particularly good mood, so go and have a midnight snack with him.”

Callum, Evan, and River were all Rosella’s children. Regardless of the cousins, Evan was indeed River’s second brother.

Before River got in the car, he said with a smile, “Brother Evan went back to Wildridge Manor to see Grandma during the day. Maybe Grandma will no longer care about his bad things. He is in a good mood, so why don’t he cook and prepare supper himself and invite our brothers to eat?”

Elian knew more than River.

Evan had the best relationship with Elian, as they were similar in age. There was a four- or five-year age difference between him and his biological brother, Callum. He loved Callum very much, but Elian was the one who played with him the most and best.

Elian smiled and didn’t say much. “Anyway, Brother Evan invited us over for a late-night snack. Just in time, we’re both hungry too.”

River said, “Brother Elian, I’m going to trouble you tonight.”

Elian said, “What do brothers say to each other? Let’s go. You drive in front, and I will follow you and watch you.”

Although their brothers all started taking driver’s license exams when they reached adulthood, River had also been an experienced driver for several years. In Elian’s eyes, River was young, and he needed to keep an eye on him as an older brother.

River drove out of the company first. Elian followed him.

Ten minutes later, they arrived at the door of Evan’s villa.

River honked the car horn.

Soon, Jake came out to open the door. As he unlocked it, he complained, “The fourth young master invited two young masters over for supper, but why did he lock the door?”

After Evan entered the house and saw the porridge he cooked, he didn’t want his efforts to be wasted, so he called his brothers over to eat porridge.

It was a temporary change of mind.

Jake opened the door and let the two young masters drive in.

“Jake, it’s so late, and you haven’t rested yet.” After River got out of the car, he asked Jake.

Their little butler usually worked from six in the morning to ten in the evening.

Jake said, “The person working the night shift asked for leave, so I took his place for a few days.”

River said, Oh.

When Elian got out of the car, he was still carrying a bag. He handed the bag to Jake, who came over and said, “Jake, this is a box of camellias given to me by others. I don’t like to drink camellia. Remember, Jake, you like to drink camellia, so I brought it to you.”

Jake quickly took it and thanked Elian. “Thank you, Fifth Young Master.”

River said, “Jake, you love to drink camellia. I also have a few boxes of camellias given to me by others. I will deliver them to you when I come over another day.”

Jake smiled and said, “Fifth Young Master gave me a box. I can drink it for a long time, but I still thank the Seventh Young Master. You two young masters, please come to the house. The fourth young master is waiting for you in the house.”

Jake welcomed the two young masters to the main room with a smile.

River asked as he walked, “Jake, what delicious food did my second brother make? Why don’t I smell the fragrance?”

River has the best sense of smell, and people often say he has a dog’s nose.

After walking a few more steps, River said, “I smell some sauerkraut, stir-fried side dishes, and eggs and leeks. I think my second brother made fried egg and leek pancakes.”

Elian didn’t smell it, so he smiled and said, “You smelled it just when you got to the door of the house.”

Jake just smiled and didn’t say what Evan had cooked.

He didn’t even dare to tell the truth.

Evan suddenly invited the two young masters over for supper. The girl in red had left. Evan wanted to make porridge for the girl in red because the girl in red said she wanted to eat porridge, something light.

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