Gu Lingfei: Married at First Sight Novel Chapter 919 | [Serenity & Zachary]

Gu Lingfei: Married at First Sight Novel Chapter 919

Furious, Liberty let out a smirk. “Did I cost you your job? Do you think your greed will go unnoticed? You’re to be blamed for your job loss. Don’t take your anger out on anyone else.”

She curtly added, “I have my regrets too. I regret not seeing through you and not divorcing you sooner! Hank, if there’s one thing I don’t regret in life, it’s our divorce!”

Hank shot her a glare and uttered angrily, “Even so! I will lose my job anyway because you have Zachary to help you! Liberty, we were husband and wife for many years. That should count for something, but you are so wicked to pull that on me!”

During the divorce, he asked her not to get back at him with the evidence. She gave him her word and promised not to act in retribution. Hank did not count on Serenity and her husband to play a part in this.

This was a deliberate act.

“I bet you knew Zachary is Mr. York right from the start. You knew he would give me a hard time, get me fired, and destroy my future.”

“How was I supposed to know who Zachary is?” Liberty refuted, “I’m only a stay–at- home mother and housewife. How would I have the means to find out about Zachary’s identity?

“Besides, what did I pull on you? The divorce is between us. I gave you my word, but i have no control over Seren and Zachary’s thoughts and actions. It’s the same as when you couldn’t promise your mother and sister would give me trouble.”

Something struck Hank at the mention of Chelsea. “So Zachary’s the reason my sister and her husband lost their job before the holidays?

“It must be Zachary! He was sticking up for you!”

Liberty smirked. “Zachary is my brother–in–law. What’s wrong with my brother–in–law sticking up for me? You can go talk to Zachary if you don’t like it.”

Hank was speechless–as if he had the guts to do so.

Hank lost all bravado at the thought of showing his face at York Corporation.

He came to Liberty today because he heard Serenity was steamed up after learning about Zachary’s identity. The couple had not made up yet. Before Serenity admitted to her status as Mrs. York, Hank still had a chance to give Liberty a piece of his mind.

Hank would hold his tongue if Serenity was here though.

Zachary was the heir of the York family. His right–hand man was Josh of the mysterious Bucham family. These men were from the most powerful families in Wiltspoon.

Serenity hated Hank’s guts. All it took was for Serenity to say one bad thing about Hank to Zachary, and Hank would never be able to find work in Wiltspoon again.

He needed money for the renovation of his marital home with Jessica.

The Yateses were furious when they found out he and Jessica tied the knot in secret. However, there was no turning back on time. The 777,777 dollars the Yateses demanded were rounded down significantly to 700,000 dollars.

It was mainly because Jessica spent most of Hank’s money on the renovation. Now that he was footing the bill, he realized it was not easy to plan for the finances.

Every aspect of the home reconstruction required money. Refusing to bleed any more cash, Jessica made the final call on the amount to give to the Yateses.

Although the money for the Yateses was reduced, it was still a huge sum.

Besides, they were also planning a wedding. In short, they needed money.

However, the couple was out of work.

“Liberty, I should’ve watched my tone.”

Controlling his temper, Hank suddenly apologized to Liberty.

“Is your restaurant remodeled? Can I get a tour of the place?”

Liberty warily asked, “We can talk here. What’s the big idea going into my restaurant? We’re not married or friends. It’s better we don’t be alone, or your wife will come accusing me of seducing her man.”

Hank was speechless.


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