Gu Lingfei: Married at First Sight Novel Chapter 920 | [Serenity & Zachary]

Gu Lingfei: Married at First Sight Novel Chapter 920

Hank wanted to say that he had lost interest in Liberty a long time ago Liberty was fat and her weight took away all redeeming assets However, now that Liberty shed a lot of pounds she looked better than before Hank could no longer say that in full confidence

Liberty was beautiful before the birth of their son She was no lesser than Jessica in every single way

“Jessica loves to overthink. We were once a married couple after all. Jessica will take it the wrong way so long as we remain in contact Don’t take it to heart, Liberty

If Liberty still loved him.

It was a huge ego boost for Hank with two women fighting over him.

It was all in his head though.

Liberty had stopped loving him a long time ago.

Hank had mixed feelings about it.

He was the one who betrayed Liberty, but it did not sit well with Hank that Liberty let go of her feelings for him.

Hank hoped his life with Jessica would only get better after the divorce while Liberty could live her days miserably.

Nevertheless, reality showed that Liberty was doing much better than he was.

“Liberty, I don’t have a job now. It’s not easy to find another job since Zachary’s out to get me. Seeing that we have been married for so many years and have a son together, can’t you help me?

“How much did you spend on this restaurant? I guess it’s no more than a hundred thousand dollars. I give you over a million dollars for the divorce settlement. You can lend me the rest of the money.

“Jessica and I are picking a date for our wedding. With the wedding coming up, we have to spend money on food, décor, and entertainment. I’m strapped for cash right now

“Lend me the money. I’ll return the money once I find a new job. We have Sonny between us, so there’s no concern that I won’t pay you back the money.”

Turning on her heel, Liberty unlocked the restaurant door and carried a bucket of water out. She placed the bucket in front of Hank and said, “Bend over and look into the water”

“What am I looking at?”

It did not register in Hank’s head.

“Look at how shameless you are! Why should I lend my money to you? Don’t have a wedding if you don’t have money for it. Why does it have to do with me? Hank, do you think I’m still the same Liberty as before?

“You killed the woman who loved you, would do anything for you, and put up with your everything.

“Get lost! Go away and never come back!” Liberty said as she picked the bucket up to splash at Hank.

Swiftly retreating, Hank yelled, “Liberty, I’m still Sonny’s father. Sonny will find out the things you’ve done to me when he grows up. He will hate and blame you for being tough on his father.

“If you don’t want to lend me the money, I can take over your restaurant. I guarantee I can do a better job than you.”

Liberty advanced forward to splash the bucket of water on Hank. Hank was able to evade the attack.

Lifting her arms, Liberty threw the bucket at Hank.

This time, Hank’s quick reflexes could not save him from getting hit.

After hurling the bucket, Liberty picked up the broom by the door and whacked Hank with it.

Hank ducked and dodged a few times before slipping into the car and driving away.

While fleeing, he shouted, “B*tch! You’re a b*tch, Liberty! No man will ever want you now that I’ve left you!”


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