Gu Lingfei: Married at First Sight Novel Chapter 925 | [Serenity & Zachary]

Gu Lingfei: Married at First Sight Novel Chapter 925

As expected, Jessica said, “Chelsea, Hank and I have a wedding coming up. Our house is under renovation too. Everything costs money. We both lost our jobs, so we don’t have any spare cash lying around to lend you.”

Jessica gathered from Hank’s statement that her money–hungry sister–in–law had fat savings. Chelsea was used to getting financial help from her family. To Chelsea, she did not see the point of spending her own money when she could use her family’s.

So long as Jessica was around, Chelsea could forget getting a dime out of Hank.

Pursing her lips, Chelsea was without a word.

Meanwhile, at the Stones‘ residence, Serenity held Sonny’s hand as they walked into a grand living room.

“You’re here, Sonny. Come, come to your grandaunt.”

All smiles, Mrs. Stone got up to welcome Sonny.

After finding out that Mrs. Stone was his grandaunt and meeting a few times, Sonny was happy to let Mrs. Stone hold him now.

“Aunt Audrey.”

Serenity handed two bags of fruits she bought to Mrs. Stone. She said, “These are your favorite fruits, Aunt Audrey.”

“Oh, my favorites, but I can get the fruits myself. I don’t want you to spend money on me. I’m happy enough that you and your sister can visit. You don’t have to get me anything.”

Serenity and her sister often brought along expensive gifts when they first came. After a good telling–off from Mrs. Stone, the sisters switched to buying a couple of hundred dollars worth of fruits. At least, Mrs. Stone would not feel bad about them. splurging.

Mrs. Stone came from a poor family. Although she had enjoyed the most expensive cuisines after marrying a rich husband, she still enjoyed seasonal fruits.

For a person of her status, no one would say anything if she bought a meal at a food truck.

Serenity and Sonny took a seat on the sofa.

No sooner had Serenity put the bags of fruits on the coffee table than the maid came

to carry the fruits away for a wash.

Mrs. Stone did not want to waste the fruits bought by the sisters. She would have the fruits washed and enjoyed by all.

Her sons and daughter would not say anything bad about the fruits even though they did not like to eat them. It was a token of the sisters‘ gesture at the end of the day.

“Is Elisa out?” Serenity casually remarked, Seeing that Elisa was not around.

“God knows where the girl went. She might have asked her girlfriends out shopping. She’s prodigal. All she does is buy, buy, buy. She never really uses the things she bought. She would put the stuff in a pile before tossing them out. Don’t you think. she’s reckless with money?”

Mrs. Stone moaned and groaned about her daughter’s extravagant spending.

Thank goodness she had two sons who earned a good living and doted on their sister. They were glad to provide their sister with a hefty allowance.

“Isn’t Elisa going to try her hand at investment? Maybe she went to survey the project.”

Elisa had never worked in an office. However, she must have an eye for investment since she was born into a family with business acumen.

Serenity wanted to explore new grounds with Elisa and see if she could make it out there.

“Who knows? Is your hand injury any better now, Seren?”


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