Gu Lingfei: Married at First Sight Novel Chapter 927 | [Serenity & Zachary]

Gu Lingfei: Married at First Sight Novel Chapter 927

Deep down, Serenity wondered who else she could spend the rest of her life with apart from Zachary,

That domineering man would panic if she mentioned that she wanted to break up.

Since she could not split with him; she could only try to blend in with his circle.

“Lately, I’ve received quite a number of invitations. I haven’t taken a look at them. They shouldn’t be of importance. The butler did not deliberately remind me.”

Mrs. Stone added, “Since you want to tag along to accumulate your experience, I’l let you join every social gathering with me.”

As she was speaking, she ordered someone to hand her the invitation cards.

After looking at all the invitations, she passed them to Serenity. “Seren, please sort these cards based on the dates, in ascending order. I’ll then describe to you the organizers of each social gathering, what businesses they are doing, how they became wealthy, their family members, and their personalities.

“When you get along with other people, it’s crucial to have a good grasp of their personalities. In fact, getting along with people is equivalent to going to a battlefield. You can only gain victory by knowing your enemies well.”


Serenity looked at every invitation card and arranged them based on their dates from earliest to latest.

“Mom, is Serenity here?”

At that moment, Elisa’s voice rang out from outside the house.

Soon, she was seen swinging the car key. As soon as she saw Sonny, she went toward him with a grin. She took him from her mother’s arms and lifted him high, which had him laughing non–stop.

“Elísa, you need to hold Sonny tightly. Make sure you don’t drop him.”

Mrs. Stone nervously reminded her daughter, worrying that the latter would drop him if she did not hold him tight enough.

“Don’t worry, Mom. I won’t drop Sonny even if I’m going to fall.”

After playing with Sonny for a while, Elisa put him down and asked, “Sonny, do you like me?”

“Yes, I like you very much. You’re pretty. I like you.”

Elisa pinched his face softly and said with a smile, “You’re so sweet, Sonny. You’re still young, yet you already know how to make a woman happy. When you grow up, you’ll surely be a ladykiller.”

She then touched her face and said confidently, “Having said that, Sonny is a child. He’s most sincere, and he’s telling the truth. I’m just pretty and lovely.”

Serenity grinned and said, “Yes. Sonny is telling the truth.”

Mrs. Stone said, “How boastful of you.”

“Mom, Seren, what are the two of you looking at? I saw both of you looking engrossed when I entered.”

Elisa turned her eyes to the pile of invitation cards. She casually took one and flipped through it. After taking a look at it, she placed it back on the coffee table and said, “I dislike attending this kind of social gathering the most.”

“Seren, is my mom planning to bring you along? Let me tell you that this type of occasion isn’t fun. We might as well ask Jasmine out and have Italian food together.”

Mrs. Stone complained about her daughter, “Do you think everyone’s like you? You said you wanted to learn how to start a business and invest. If you don’t socialize with other people, how are you going to grow a business? I saw the Dowlings are having a social gathering tomorrow night. Both of you come along with me and make an appearance. Also, learn how to socialize with others.”

“Mom, I’m not going. What’s more, the Dowlings‘ status is much lower than ours. Since when do you show respect for families who aren’t that wealthy?”

“Elisa, I was the one who asked Aunt Audrey to bring me along. I guess I’ll always have to attend such social gatherings in the future. I’ll take it as a learning experience.”

Elisa asked, “Oh. So you’ve made peace with Zachary, huh? Acknowledge me as the older cousin–in–law. I’ll put in the good word the moment he sees me as family.”

“You’re a few years younger than Zachary, yet you shamelessly want him to acknowledge you as the older cousin–in–law,Mrs. Stone criticized her daughter.

Elisa said self–righteously, “I’m Seren’s cousin, whereas Zachary is Seren’s husband, so technically I’m higher in seniority. Seniority isn’t ranked by age–some people are already someone’s uncle once they’re born.”


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