Gu Lingfei: Married at First Sight Novel Chapter 929 | [Serenity & Zachary]

Gu Lingfei: Married at First Sight Novel Chapter 929

Mrs. Stone cast a glance at her niece and said, “From the day we know each other until now, this is Zachary’s first time paying a visit.”

Serenity brought some dishes to Sonny and said indifferently, “He’s guilty.”

“He’s indeed guilty. He definitely came over for your sake. I feel angry that he lied to you too, but it’s undeniable that he has fallen in love with you.

“You’ve known him for several months, but I’ve truly known him for a decade, so I have a better understanding of him than you do.”

The Yorks were very protective of their children. Before the children grew up and stepped into the business world, the public had no idea who they were. The children. kept a low profile and were no different from any ordinary child.

That was why Mrs. Stone said that she had truly known Zachary for a decade.

At that time, Zachary was already under training at York Corporation. He officially showed his face when his grandparents took him to a grand business reception.

Since he took over York Corporation, he had an annoying habit of bringing along a group of sturdy bodyguards wherever he went in order to keep way numerous young women who admired him. That was the deepest impression that everyone had on Zachary.

Mrs. Stone watched Zachary turn from 20 to 30 years old. Indeed, he had never been embroiled in any scandal.

York Corporation has a subsidiary entertainment company that signed many artists. Many female celebrities were lucky enough to be able to meet Zachary. Despite trying their best to involve themselves in a scandal with Zachary, they did not have such a chance. Some were so extreme that they ended up being blacklisted instead.

For some who had been blacklisted, their future was ruined. Other artists learned from the mistake and did not dare approach Zachary anymore.

Almost all the socialites in Wiltspoon had a crush on Zachary.

Many years ago, Elisa fell in love with Zachary at first sight and had been infatuated with him for years. She had thought of getting over him, but she failed to do it eventually. Therefore, she fearlessly confessed to him and pursued him openly. She was the only wealthy young woman in Wiltspoon who had such courage.

When Elisa confessed to Zachary and wooed him, many wealthy young women

secretly perceived her as the laughing stock and were waiting to see how it eventually worked out. If Zachary was not offended by Elisa’s attempt to pursue him, they would be ready to do the same too.

As they were secretly waiting for the outcome, Elisa extinguished their hopes.

Soon, there was news that Zachary had gotten married, which shattered the dreams of those women who had a crush on him.

Although the Stones and the Yorks had always had conflicting views, Mrs. Stone must admit that the men from the York family were loyal to their partners. Any families would hope to marry their daughters off to the Yorks.

Casting aside their wealth, the men from the Yorks were responsible and loyal. These qualities were attractive enough.

Mrs. Stone had always known that Zachary would not be interested in her daughter. She had advised Elisa countless times, but Elisa would not give up on him.

In the end, Zachary fell for her niece. In fact, Mrs. Stone was not very sure why Zachary fell in love with Serenity. It was not because she felt that her niece was not good enough, but because there were many more wealthy young elites in Wiltspoon who were more outstanding than Serenity. Even so, Zachary was not interested in them at all.

He fell in love with Serenity, and this must be fate.

If Mrs. Stone found out that Old Mrs. York had gone all out to matchmake Zachary and Serenity previously because of some religious conman’s words, she would probably be speechless.

“Right now, I don’t feel like speaking up for him. Now that you’ve made up your mind, you must be firm. I believe you can do it.”

Her two nieces were independent like she was in her youth.

It was probably because the two sisters had lost their parents when they were at an early age. Also, they had received a lot of unjust and cruel treatment in society before they came of age. Hence, they were particularly tough. It was not easy to even be able to stay bubbly.

From Mrs. Stone’s perspective, her two nieces were able to remain positive in life regardless.

“I know, Aunt Audrey.”

Mrs. Stone smiled in satisfaction before glancing at Elisa.


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