Married at First Sight Chapter 1696 by desirenovel

Married at First Sight Chapter 1696 by desirenovel-Seeing the brothers from the York family coming over, the bodyguards of the Lewis family felt a headache.

“Young Master York.” The bodyguard of the Lewis family stepped forward boldly and blocked the way of the three of Zachary. He said apologetically, “Young Master York, our Young Master doesn’t want to see you yet, please leave first and don’t make it difficult for him.”

Zachary said softly: “Tell young master that we’re coming here to see him.”

The bodyguard: “Sir and Madam are still coaxing the fourth young master Lewis to eat, and the fourth young master Lewis is in an extremely bad mood at the moment.” The bodyguard said these words,and he hoped that Zachary and others would leave on their own initiative, and didn’t make it difficult for them.

In fact, what they hoped most was that Duncan would be willing to meet his friends, and not lie on the hospital bed all day long.

It’s a pity that Duncan, who didn’t even listen to the words of his father and mother, was even less likely to listen to their persuasion.

Duncan had been lying on the bed for more than ten days, and his mentality had already collapsed. He was looking forward to standing up immediately and walking like a normal person, so that he would no longer have to lie in bed and be taken care of.

He didn’t want to see anyone else either, he always felt that when others came to visit him, there was sympathy in their eyes.

He was disabled and couldn’t walk.

Even putting him in a wheelchair made him uncomfortable.

The doctor said that he would have to lie down for a while, as his leg injury healed a bit, and sitting in a wheelchair would not be so uncomfortable, but if he wanted to recover like a normal person, he still needed to stay for a long time, and he had to continue to do rehabilitation.

“I don’t want to eat, I don’t have an appetite, take it away, take it away!” Duncan’s roar came from the ward.

Immediately afterwards, the bowl and chopsticks were knocked over and fell to the ground with a loud noise.

They didn’t need to go in and look to know that Duncan lost his temper and knocked over the bowl in his mother’s hand.

Mrs. Lewis wanted to feed her son breakfast herself, but the bowl and chopsticks were knocked over and fell to the ground. The bowl was smashed, and the food in the bowl fell on the bed and the floor.


Mr. Lewis raised his hand high in anger, but in the end he put it down weakly, and put on a pleading tone: “Duncan, if you don’t eat something, your nutrition and physical strength won’t keep up. How can you get better? Look at your mother, since your accident until now, she has been around you every day, and her hair is all white.”

Because of proper maintenance and frequent beauty treatments, Mrs. Lewis didn’t have much gray hair before.

Now, it’s really gray haired.

“Husband, don’t blame Duncan.” Mrs. Lewis brought paper towels and a trash can, wiped off the food spilled on the bed, and cleaned up the floor.

It was she who made her son unable to walk while lying on the bed, and she insisted on taking care of him herself.

As far as the son’s violent temper was now, except for their parents who could tolerate it, it was difficult for others to tolerate it.

“I’m not hungry, I can’t eat, I lie here every day like a living dead, I don’t exercise, I can’t digest, I’m not hungry at all, I can’t eat, how many times have I told you, don’t send me any more I can’t eat so much food! Do you think I’m the same Duncan who can eat two big bowls of rice in one meal?”

Duncan overturned the bowl and asked his mother to clean it up because he felt that he was wrong, but he just couldn’t help it and couldn’t control his emotions.

After being accused by his father, he yelled at his parents, and his words were full of his despair about his current situation.


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