Married at First Sight Chapter 1699 by desirenovel

Married at First Sight Chapter 1699 by desirenovel-They gave the gift to the bodyguard and brought it into the ward after briefly comforting Mrs. Lewis. Prior to the others, Zachary had to leave the hospital.

Mrs. Lewis escorted everyone all the way to the elevator entrance. She watched them enter the elevator before going back.

Back at the door of the ward, Mrs. Lewis stood for a while before going in.

Duncan was lying on the bed, staring blankly at the ceiling, wondering what he was thinking.

“Zachary and the others left?” Mr. Lewis asked softly.

“Duncan doesn’t want to see them, they can only leave.” Mrs. Lewis sighed, walked to the hospital bed and sat down, looked at her son, after a while, she said softly: “Duncan, everyone came to see you because they care about you. It’s not sympathy, so don’t go into the horns, okay?”

Duncan closed his eyes. It was obvious that he didn’t want to listen to what his mother had to say.

Mrs. Lewis’s heart suddenly throbbed.

Duncan had been pulled back on the right track, and he no longer clamored to venture into the rivers and lakes. He borrowed a large sum of money from Zachary and started his own business. It was very hard at first, but he survived.

More than ten years had passed before the Lewis & Co. was today.

His net worth had also reached tens of billions. He was a high-spirited and successful person who walked with wind.

If it wasn’t for his feelings…he would still be the Fourth Young Master Lewis who walked like a wind.

It’s all her mother’s fault, it’s her son’s car accident that caused her son to persecute and stop him from pursuing Liberty.

Duncan closed his eyes because he wanted to ignore his mother and not listen to her, but unexpectedly fell asleep.

Although he lied in bed every day, in fact, he suffered from insomnia and couldn’t fall asleep all the time.

Sometimes he closed his eyes, thought about things, and fell asleep groggyly at dawn.

The car accident hit him too hard.

He couldn’t accept the reality that he would become crippled.

“Husband, look at Duncan, I’ll go for a walk.” Mrs. Lewis got up and said.

“Go ahead, don’t think too much, Duncan is just depressed for a short time, I believe he will cheer up.” Mr. Lewis knew how sad his wife was during this time.

Now that Duncan was asleep, it was also good for Mrs. Lewis to go out for a walk to relax.

Mrs. Lewis took a deep look at her sleeping son, then took out her bag from the drawer of the bedside table, put it on and left the ward.

She didn’t go out to relax, she went to see Liberty.

When Mrs. Lewis came to Liberty, the shop was not busy. After the night shift had breakfast, few customers came in to eat. If the shop was not closed, it would be busy again at noon.

Some people didn’t like to eat white rice at noon, but like to eat noodles and dumplings.

In the past, All You Can Eat only dealt with breakfast business, and usually started tidying up and cleaning after 10 o’clock, and then closed the door for get off work.

In the past, Liberty occasionally kept the store open all day, working when there was work, cooking dumplings when there was no work, or simply dozing off in the store.


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