Married at First Sight Chapter 2614 by Thomasnovel

Married at First Sight Chapter 2614-After the breakfast, Callum took out the fruit that he had prepared before, placed it in front of Trenton, and said to Trenton, “Take it out and eat it with your eldest sister.”

Trenton said it hurriedly.

Two minutes later,

Camryn sat down on the double sofa, while Trenton stood opposite her sister, looking at her awkwardly.

“Why are you so reserved in your own home? Sit down.” Camryn sighed and said something to Trenton.

“Sister, I can just stand. Sister, I really didn’t know that the second sister would do such a thing. I’m sorry, sister, you can scold me.”

Trenton would feel uncomfortable if he was not scolded by Camryn. If Camryn scolded him, he would feel better.

“Why am I scolding you? As you said, I didn’t know that your second sister would do that, and I didn’t expect that she would dare to attack your brother-in-law directly. Would it be better to call her bold or brainless?

That’s your biological sister. It’s unrealistic for you to keep her out of the house. With your brother-in-law, I’ve comforted her, and the matter has been revealed. You don’t have to blame yourself. As long as you remember, just ask for leave specifically to do what you want to do when you come back.

I froze Carrie’s bank card. She came here early in the morning to settle the account, right? Knowing that your brother-in-law was there, she didn’t dare anymore. What did she say to you? You left her alone outside. Did she want you to get money?”

She had frozen Carrie’s bank card, which made it impossible for her to continue to live and drink. Although she also took away tens of thousands of dollars in cash, with her habit of spending money lavishly and those two families by her side, her tens of thousands of dollars will be gone in just two days.

Seeing that Trenton was back, he wanted to ask for money from Trenton.

Although Trenton had always been close to Camryn, Carrie was always her half-sister, and he could not ignore her.

“The second sister said that she was renting a house outside and had no job, so she needed money for everything. Sister, you froze her bank card, and she had no money to spend. She asked me to get her some money and said she wanted more.”

Trenton acted honestly at this moment. He took out more than one thousand dollars in cash from his trouser pocket, which he had not had time to give to Carrie.

“I don’t have that much cash; I only have this one thousand dollars. I thought of giving it to the second sister, but who knew that the second sister…Eldest sister, I remember what I did when I came back. I won’t give too much to the second sister. For the money, I advised her to find a job.

Now, I don’t want to give the second sister any money. Let the second sister find a job by herself.”

They no longer had their parents to protect them and had to learn to survive on their own.

“Sister, brother-in-law is really not angry with me anymore?” Trenton asked.

“Your brother-in-law looked terrible at that time. He was probably going crazy.” Camryn said, “If he were still angry with you, he wouldn’t have talked to you just now. But you can’t let your second sister appear in front of him in the future. He said that if he sees your second sister once, he will kick her. And when he was furious, I couldn’t stop him.”


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