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Married at First Sight Chapter 2615-Trenton promised with lingering fear: “As long as my brother-in-law is here in the future, I will not let the second sister in. This is the eldest sister’s home, and the second sister should come less often.

Sister, will you still accompany me to visit the prison?”

Camryn: “Um.”

Trenton breathed a sigh of relief.

As long as Camryn is not angry with him, that’s fine.

Half an hour later.

Camryn and Trenton went out in a car, followed by a bodyguard car.

Callum stood at the door of the villa, watching the siblings leave, before he walked to his car.

He did not follow the siblings to visit the prison.

He originally planned to accompany Trenton, but after Carrie made a fuss, he no longer wanted to see Mr. Newman and his wife.

Anyway, in the hearts of the vicious couple, he was not their son-in-law.

York Corporation.

There was a strange girl walking around in front of the York Corporation. She wanted to go in several times but stopped.

The security guards on duty had been watching her for a long time, guarding her as if she were a thief.

It wasn’t until Callum returned to the company door that the girl suddenly stopped Callum’s vehicle, as if she had mustered up her courage.

The security guards on duty were shocked when they saw that the girl they had been guarding against thieves for a long time actually stopped the vice president’s car. They quickly came out of the security room and walked over to try to drive the girl away.

Callum pressed down the car window and looked at the girl. He didn’t recognize her; she was very strange.

Why did the other party stop his car?

Fortunately, Camryn didn’t follow him; otherwise, Camryn would mistakenly think that he was out attracting bees and butterflies, and he would have incurred a peach blossom debt.


Callum asked in a deep voice.

The girl: “Sir, I’m sorry. I want to disturb you and ask you about someone, whether he works here.”

Callum: “You tell me.”

Security guards: “…”

It turned out that the girl wanted to inquire about a certain person. Why didn’t she inquire with them? Instead, she stopped the vice president’s car. Could it be that she wanted to use this opportunity to strike up a conversation with the vice president, the second young master of the York family.

“I would like to ask if Evan York works here? I can’t find him. I don’t have any contact information for him. I only know his name. I asked around and found that he is working in the York Corporation. I just wanted to come and inquire about it.”

Evan York?

The security guards looked at each other. Wasn’t that the name of the fourth young master of the York family?

However, Evan did not work at the headquarters of the York Corporation. He was responsible for a different industry, and he also had his own company. People who worked at the York Corporation would not see Evan once a year.

The security guards had only heard of Evan’s name and knew that he was the fourth young master of the York family.

Callum raised his eyebrows, looking for his younger brother.

Evan was his biological brother from the same mother.

“Girl, what’s your surname? What are you doing with Evan?” Callum asked.

He wanted to know the reason why this girl was looking for her brother before deciding whether to tell him or not.

The girl said, “It doesn’t matter what my name is. Sir, does Evan York work here?”

Callum: “He doesn’t work here.”

The girl did not want to reveal her name.

Callum didn’t ask further questions.

It’s not like he lied to girls.

“He doesn’t work here? He also has the surname York. This is the York Corporation. Doesn’t it mean that most people surnamed York work here?”


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