Married at First Sight Chapter 2619 by Thomasnovel

Married at First Sight Chapter 2619-“My cousin can be discharged from the hospital today, so I just wanted to buy a bouquet of flowers for my cousin.”

Serenity looked around the room and said with a smile, “I didn’t expect everyone thought the same as me.”

Zachary: “Have you packed everything? There’s nothing you need my help with. I’ll just help my cousin hold the bouquet.”

Serenity couldn’t help but laugh as he said this.

Alice gave birth to her son and was discharged from the hospital.

Zachary and Serenity were in the crowd, each holding a bouquet of flowers in their arms. As the young couple walked, they would look at each other and smile from time to time, full of happiness and sweetness.

The group of people walked out of the inpatient department and walked to the hospital parking lot.

The parking lot was at the entrance of the outpatient department, so the group naturally had to pass by the entrance. Zachary and Serenity passed by Carrie near the entrance of the outpatient department.

The couple didn’t notice Carrie. Everyone was wearing masks. Carrie went in for such a long time that Serenity couldn’t recognize her immediately and just passed her by.

When Zachary and Serenity passed by, Carrie heard Serenity’s voice. She stopped suddenly, turned her head, and followed Serenity with her eyes.

When enemies meet, they are extremely jealous.

Carrie could not wait to rush forward and stab Serenity to death.

She took two steps and then stopped.

She couldn’t rush over.

She was not prepared for anything. She didn’t even have a pen, not to mention a knife. Besides, if she killed someone impulsively, she would have to pay with her life. Having lost her freedom, Carrie still cherished her freedom outside.

She didn’t want to end up in trouble again just for revenge.

She stared at Serenity’s back, watching Serenity being helped into a car by Zachary. Soon, Zachary followed her into the car, and then the car started moving, gradually getting further and further away from her.

“Serenity!” Carrie gritted her teeth and forced out the words, “One day, I will make your life worse than death!”

She punched her fist in the direction Serenity left and pulled the wound on her back, which made her gasp in pain.

This was when she ran to Newman’s house in the morning. While Trenton was going upstairs to get the money, she waited until she was bored and walked quietly into the house.

She felt that the Newman family villa was her home.

She had lived there since she was born. Where did her family live? How could it be Camryn’s house?

The real estate certificate Camryn got must be fake and forged!

Maybe Camryn got a fake certificate and put it in the safe in her parents’ room, and then tricked her into opening the door to her parents’ room and taking out the real estate certificate from the safe.

Seeing Callum making breakfast in the kitchen, she knew that he was doing it for Camryn. She was so jealous. If it weren’t for Serenity, she might have met and fallen in love with Callum under the control of her parents.

She was young, beautiful, and from a good family background, so she and Callum were a perfect match, and Camryn was not worthy of him!

Even if Camryn saw the light again, she was not worthy of Callum. Why should she go to jail and Camryn become the second young mistress of the York family? Callum had a great deal of favor for her.

Now that the Newman family is in the hands of Camryn, she has also received Callum’s love, and her eyes have regained their sight. It could be said that she was full of energy.

Driven by jealousy, Carrie felt that Callum should have been hers and that it was Camryn who had snatched Callum from her. At that time, her forehead felt hot, and she walked desperately behind Callum, hugged him from behind, and touched his chest.


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