Married at First Sight Chapter 2620 by Thomasnovel

Married at First Sight Chapter 2620-Callum’s muscle abs were really good! However, Callum simply pushed her away after she touched him. When Callum turned his face, she clearly saw that he was smiling. When he saw clearly that it was her, her face changed drastically, and his movements were fast. Not only did he push her away quickly, he drove her away and kicked her so hard that she was kicked out of the kitchen.

Not only did he yell at her viciously, telling her to get out, but he also threw everything he found at her.

She was so frightened that her face turned pale, and her instinctive reaction was to get up and run for her life.

Even though she ran so fast, she was hit in the back several times by the dishes thrown by Callum, which hurt her to death.

She ran out as if lifeless and ran a long way before she dared to stop. After waiting for a long time, she dared to turn around, drive away her car, and run back to the place where she was renting. She wanted to get some medicine. Her back was so painful that she had no choice but to run to the hospital and ask the doctor to take a look at her and give her some medicine.

She had to wait in line at the hospital, and she didn’t come out until now. She didn’t expect to meet Zachary and Serenity.

Although Zachary and Serenity did not have a bodyguard with them and both wore masks and sunglasses, she heard Serenity’s voice. The person she hated the most was Serenity, and her voice was unforgettable.

“Serenity, Camryn, just wait for me, and the pain I have suffered will be returned to you one by one, doubled!”

She heard that Serenity was pregnant.

The York family did not announce it to the public, but when the two held their wedding, Serenity did not dare to drink, and everyone speculated that she was pregnant.

Serenity was so lucky, so Carrie went crazy with jealousy.

After coming out, Carrie also learned from her two aunts that Serenity had not been pregnant for a long time after her marriage and that she could not have everyone’s children.

Now that she was pregnant, Serenity’s child was not easy to come by. If she could find a way to make Serenity abort, haha, that would be great!

And Camryn, if Camryn can be prevented from giving birth to children for the rest of her life, even if Callum loved Camryn again, could Callum really love a wife who couldn’t have children for the rest of his life? Did the elders of the York family allow him and Camryn to remain childless for the rest of their lives?

Carrie suddenly had a preliminary target for revenge.

The first was to get rid of the child in Serenity’s belly.

The second was to make Camryn unable to have children for the rest of her life.


Imagining the fate of the two of them, Carrie laughed heartily, as if she had succeeded in taking revenge.

It attracted suspicious looks from passersby.

Realizing that she was still in the hospital and people were coming and going, Carrie scolded the passersby: “What are you looking at? You’ve never seen a beautiful woman.”

She hurriedly walked to her car.

Carrie decided to find Mrs. Janzen.

Only Mrs. Janzen could help her make plans.

She called the phone again, but unfortunately, she got the message that the phone number was not Mrs. Janzen’s.

“What does it mean? Mrs. Janzen, you said you wanted to see my performance and gave me a broken number. But when I tried to contact you, you couldn’t be reached.”

Carrie muttered in her mind.

She was so angry that she wanted to throw her phone away.

She kept scolding Mrs. Janzen for not being interesting enough and cheating her.

It gave her hope but disappointed her.

While Carrie kept scolding Mrs. Janzen, a cleaning lady came over, slightly bent over, and knocked on Carrie’s car window.

Carrie was furious when she saw it was the cleaning aunt. She immediately pressed down the car window. Without waiting for the cleaning aunt to speak, she scolded the cleaning aunt. The scolding was particularly unpleasant. The cleaning aunt’s ancestors were eighteen generations old. She greeted them all.


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