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Married at First Sight Chapter 2622-Matriarch Farrell was to get rid of Serenity, because Serenity was the eldest mistress of the York family. As long as Serenity was alive, the York family would be the backers of her sister Liberty. The York family would also join forces with the Stone family to deal with the Farrell family.

Matriarch Farrell killed her sister and sacrificed family ties to become the head of the Farrell family. She had been the head of the Farrell family for decades. Now she was asked to hand over the position of head of the Farrell family to the descendants of her eldest sister. She couldn’t do it.

Back then, she could even get rid of her own sisters.

Now, getting rid of her nephews and nieces was like squeezing an ant to death without any pain or hesitation.

But she couldn’t stay in Wiltspoon for a long time. Now she stayed in Wiltspoon for too long, so that the York family and the Stone family were always staring at her.

Moreover, she had no influence in Wiltspoon, so it was inconvenient to do anything. She should go back to her hometown in Jensburg first and then slowly think of a solution.

A loyal bodyguard was left behind to help her train Carrie, the murderous pioneer, to stab Serenity at the appropriate time.

“Madam, I understand. I will do what you order.”

Matriarch Farrell hummed; she wrote down a mobile phone number and handed it to the bodyguard, saying, “This is Carrie’s contact number. You keep it in your mobile phone, but when you contact her, don’t use your mobile phone to contact her to avoid being found out by Zachary. Just go and contact her from the public phone outside.”

“Madam, got it.”

After Matriarch Farrell finished her instructions, she remained silent for a long time before saying, “It’s nothing; you can go out.”

The bodyguard withdrew respectfully.

Matriarch Farrell sat quietly in the room for a while before leaving.

She returned to the Wiltspoon Hotel, checked out, then dragged her suitcase and walked out of the hotel, surrounded by several bodyguards.

The vehicle she had invited long ago was parked at the hotel entrance, waiting for her.

A few minutes later, the vehicle carrying Matriarch Farrell left the Wiltspoon Hotel and headed for Wiltspoon Airport.

At the same time, Zachary also received news that Matriarch Farrell had left.

Zachary, who was already a guest at the Stone family, did not tell Serenity immediately because Serenity was playing with the baby in Alice’s room.

Alice came home from the hospital and stayed in her room, officially starting her confinement mode. During the confinement period, her activities were limited to her room.

The only man who could enter her room was her husband, Clive.

Serenity said, “The baby looks cuter and cuter every day. It really looks different every day.”

She likes babies the most now.

Elisa hugged her nephew without letting go. She said, “My mother said that children are the same every day, and they change a lot. The skin color is a little dark in the first three months, but after a hundred days, it will change drastically and become fair.”

Now the baby’s skin was not fair enough.

The baby, who was just a few days old, would sleep when he was full. Being held in his aunt’s arms, he slept more soundly. Even if he fell asleep, his aunt would not let him go.

Alice, who was lying on the bed, smiled and said to her sister-in-law, “Elisa, the baby is asleep. Please put him down. Don’t get used to holding him to sleep. You will have to hold him every day from now on.”

“I should hug him every day if I want to. I have a lot of time, so I just want to hold him. He’s really cute. It feels so good to see him sleeping soundly, like a little angel.”


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