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Married at First Sight Chapter 2623-Serenity smiled and teased Elisa: “Elisa, you like children so much; hurry up and have one with Remy.”

Elisa k!ssed her nephew and said, “When Remy and I get married, we will seize the time to have a baby. Once the baby is born and the major events in life are completed, we can concentrate on running our business.”

Alice said, “I thought it would take two years of two-person life after your marriage before you would have a child.”

“I originally thought about living as a couple for two years after marriage, but now I have changed my mind. Remy and I are not too young anymore. If we get married next year, we should start making plans as early as possible. After giving birth to the child, I’ll already be thirty.”

Elisa was one year older than Serenity.

Elisa said: “I didn’t like children before, but since I met Sonny, I started to like children, and I like them even more now.

A baby like my nephew is so easy to take care of. He sleeps when he’s full and eats when he wakes up. He doesn’t cry much. Sister-in-law, it’s okay to have two more babies for such an easy baby. We raise them at home. I can afford it.”

Serenity smiled and said, “She is still in confinement. If you tell her about having a second and third child, if your brother hears it, he will give you a scolding.”

Alice was pregnant with this baby and vomited violently. Clive wanted Alice to abort the baby because he felt distressed.

The couple also agreed that they would only have one child.

Elisa quickly looked towards the door of the room to make sure that her elder brother Clive had not come in. She smiled and said, “I just said it casually; I didn’t say it through my brain. Sister-in-law, you think I didn’t say it; don’t take it to heart.”

She felt sorry for her sister-in-law, who had a hard pregnancy.

Elisa added, “Just have one child. When my second brother gets married and he has another daughter, I will have nieces and nephews.”

Alice said, “When I was pregnant, I vomited violently. I also thought about giving birth to just one child. Now that I see how cute the baby is and the scars have healed, I have forgotten the pain. I am thinking about whether I can convince your eldest brother to have a second child in the future, but it was a few years later.”

“I may not be able to convince Clive. He said that if I wanted to have a second child, he would have sterilization surgery, which made me give up my desire to have a second child. He often said that it doesn’t matter how many children you have, as long as you raise them well. If you have many children, if you don’t raise them well, you will make your parents angry.

Now I am satisfied.”

Clive was the eldest son of the Stone family and the head of the Stone family. He said he would only have one child. Alice’s family hoped that she would have a son to take over. Although a daughter could also take over, her mother said she had many nieces. If she gave birth to a daughter with a personality like Elisa, the Stone Group would not know who would take over in the future.

For a business as big as a business, successors were very important.

After her son was born, Alice knew that her mother’s family was relieved and felt that she had truly established herself in the business.

Regardless of the fact that she was living a good life in a business because she had not had children for several years after marrying into a business, people outside have everything they say.

Just look at how much pressure Serenity endured when she was infertile for a year after her marriage.

“Ring ring ring…”

Serenity’s cell phone rang.

It was Liberty who called her.

She quickly answered the phone.

Serenity: “sister.”

Liberty: “Seren, are you and Zachary free?”

Serenity replied, “I’m free. Zachary and I have nothing to do all day now, so we’re very free.”

She asked Zachary to go back to the company to work, but Zachary insisted that his marriage leave was not over yet and he didn’t want to go back to the company.

He said that Josh had taken two months of marriage leave, so he took one month of marriage leave, and he had to take a full month of leave no matter what.


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