Gu Lingfei: Married at First Sight Novel Chapter 932 | [Serenity & Zachary]

Gu Lingfei: Married at First Sight Novel Chapter 932

As usual, Sonny’s face was covered with rice. There was also a lot of rice on the table. Mrs. Stone and Elisa left him alone. Mrs. Stone felt that the kid needed to learn

how to clean the mess on his own. Even if he failed to handle it well at first, the more

he practiced it, the better he would get at it.

A few months later, Sonny would turn three. It was about time to learn how to eat.

Zachary touched Sonny’s head before turning his eyes to Mrs. Stone and calling her Aunt Audrey” gently.

Mrs. Stone replied in a soft tone, “Mm. I’m coming. You can start eating.”

A servant had already prepared the cutlery for Zachary.

After greeting Mrs. Stone, Zachary turned his gaze to Elisa. She was focused on eating and did not beam like how she used to when she saw him. After Zachary pursed his lips, he said, “Hi, cuz!”



Elisa spewed her food. Then, she choked and coughed.

The person closest to Elisa was Mrs. Stone. She promptly lifted a glass of water and handed it to her daughter. “Take a good gulp.”

Elisa took the bowl and drank a few mouthfuls of water. Only then did she stop coughing.

Seeing herself spewing food, she flushed. It was her first time forgetting who she was.

The flush on Elisa’s face got redder, particularly when Sonny’s big bright eyes were fixated on her.

The kid even used his fleshy hand to cover his bowl as he was worried that his aunt would spit food into his bowl.

“Zachary, y–you made me spit my food!” Elisa exclaimed to Zachary.

Her food was splattered on the few dishes in front of her. The maid swiftly took away the dishes and asked the chef to prepare a few new dishes since Zachary was here.

No one would dare treat the Hunt sisters with contempt, much less Zachary who was noble.

Only after the maid finished cleaning the table did Elisa stop blushing.

Zachary sat beside Serenity nonchalantly and said indifferently, “My cousin said that you’re older than Seren. Since Seren acknowledges you as ‘cuz‘, I should do the same.”

Elisa opened her mouth but could not refute his claim.

After some time, she laughed and said, “I thought you were unwilling to

acknowledge me as your cousin–in–law. Who knew you would surrender so quickly and formally address me that way?”

Zachary did not utter a word.

Anyhow, he had formally called Elisa “cuz” to acknowledge her as family, and that meant he had shown respect for Serenity’s family.

As he said, he would respect people who mattered to Serenity.

Seeing Sonny covering his bowl, Elisa said, “Sonny. You can continue eating. You don’t need to cover your bowl.”

Sonny asked naively, “Aunt Elisa, are you going to do the spewing performance again?”

Elisa rose to her feet and bent over. She extended her hand and pinched Sonny’s face gently. “You brat, how dare you tease me.”

“I’m not a brat!”

“You brat.”

“I’m not. You have a strong smell.”

It was the scent of her perfume.

In fact, the kid did not quite like perfume even if its scent was faint.

This was because his mother and aunt had a naturally pleasant smell, unlike Elisa. Elisa was at a loss for words.


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